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Change Velosrhacos

I don’t have problems when facing any dino or hyrbid except for Velosrchacos. Since High Pounce and Rampage can be used back to back it can essentially 2 hit all your dinos. This is the only issue I have with this dino and all I suggest if we can change one of the moves to have a cooldown of 2 rather than just being able to do each move back to back. Since for a level 13 alone, High Pounce and rampage can do 1484 damage each. That is 2,968 damage in those two moves. I tried to find other dinos to counter but the ones I use don’t help much since Velosrhacos is immue to stun, dot or swap prevention. Just hopefully one move can get a cooldown of 2

Just use anything resilient. That should do the trick.


anything with more speed should do the trick, orion is one and many legendaries have 131 speed, as well as resilients with armor or just high hp

No, Velosrhacos is fine. And I’m not saying this only because I use a Velosrhacos, and don’t wanna have a creature that I use nerfed. Velosrhacos gets countered by any resilient. Examples are Stegodeus, Doedicurus, and Nodopatotitan. Even a Velociraptor with more speed would counter Velosrhacos.


It sounds like you have an all-fierce team or something. Resilient creatures destroy Velosrhacos.

2968 is nothing! I’ve got dinos that do more then that in 1 move. 4000 damage is rather common.

i would try fielding a few resil type creatures. brontolasmus, ankylodicurus, carbonemys, and doedicurus to name a few.

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Gylptodon kicks its butt pretty hard as well,

If anything, it needs a buff. Rampage needs to be raking claws, and pounce should be precise pounce maybe, and health should be 3000

Isn’t the health already 3000?

Nope. 2700. They were supposed to chang it but never did

I know, and then they did right?

Yes they changed it to 3000 health