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Changed this tourney’s rewards, why?

Why did you change the tourney rewards from carbo&eucla to carbo&nasuto ludia?

This is literally one of the hardest tournaments cause of the rules. Only rares but your own levels. As a ”newer” player, I do not have many level 15+ rares that are effective in these tournaments.

Not to mention, nasuto is event exclusive, whereas eucla and carbo are not. So it makes no sense that only veterans e.g ”high level players” get an unfair advantage like this.

Fun as hell getting trampled by lvl 25+ teams when I have level 15.

Makes no sense why you would swap nasuto and eucla​:rofl::sob:


You must be the only one who isn’t happy about an exclusive :slight_smile:
Eucla spawns all the time, nasuto is extremely hard to get.


You misunderstood me BIG TIME. I want nasuto, not eucla. That’s why I’m complaining about them putting nasuto in such an unfair tournament.

Could not care less about eucla but nasuto is the reward now in this hard asf tournament for players who do not have 20+ rares. Not to mention you need top 100 to actually get an amount of DNA that’s good.

Nasuto should be a skill tournament, not this unfair, trampling ground for veterans.


Doesn’t have anything to do with when it was just fine last year but not this time, though


Maybe they switched it because in the next big update coming the epic deer will become exclusive and nasuto released from being exclusive.


Wait… really?

Dna is reward for advantage tournaments. Coins, boosts and occasionally cash are skill tournaments rewards. You need to lvl, boost your team, to get dna you need from tournaments.

Yes i know that. But having high lvl rares is reaaally hard if you’re not a veteran. And not to mention the fact that coin is such a rare currency it’s incredible.

It’s time for a coin sale but we’ll most likely never get one til christmas. Gg

Even high lvl rares are not enough for top 100. If you are lucky, you can get into top 500. For top 100 you need boosted team.

Coins are most important currency in game. Its not hard to collect them, but takes time and dedication.

Coin sales are extremely scarce for non vip players.

Oh my bad. It’s always like that though. Be good, get good rewards. Skill or not.
Let’s hope for some more nasuto events soon then!

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