Changelog info


Hello all.

I’ve been playing this for a month or so now. Still really enjoying it, though the grind is getting a bit tedious. But I expect there’s more content coming in the future.

With that in mind, is there a changelog present anywhere? I see that there were changes last night (July 31, 2018), and I’d like to know all the details to provide better feedback.

Also, do you have a schedule of intent that you can release? Perhaps not firm dates, but at least a list of planned updates and fixes?


Hey Screamindaemon, take a look at our FAQ here to learn more about the update:
Also, keep up to date on the latest game news through our official channels listed here:


Is there going to be a place for the less prevalent changes? Like the legendary cards being removed from the dungeon Master packs, or the icons of received cards being taken out?

Really liking the game and looking forward to more upcoming changes.

Great job!


No more legendaries in the already overpriced Dungeon Master packs? lol

Guess I won’t spend anymore money on this game.