Changes for Season Battle Pass

Now before I start I want to get this clear, I absolutely love the new battle pass that’s been added to this game. The first one was a lot more meh with its rewards compared to this new one, but even still the rewards are amazing even in my late game state. I was able to get over half an Indoraptor in one sitting just by collecting all the S-DNA packs from the premium pass. If you have the money to spend it, or are already buying VIP, the premium pass is unbelievably worth it for the rewards you get.

However, I think the pass is in desperate need for changes. Last season, I finished with around 18,000 pass points, even right now I already have 11,000. Now it’s easy to tell that I play this game religiously in my spare time, and am extremely punctual with completing all the missions in a day that I possibly can as fast as I can, even if it means doing 15 consecutive p.v.p. battles just using herbivores to complete a seasonal mission. Now the main problem with the battles pass is that for me, and other players that do just what I do, which I know a majority of the players who come to the forums are like that, after you reach that 7,250 points, which I did under a week of the new season, it immediately turns into a horrible downtime of 20+ days for the next one. The game already has trouble giving players a reason to come back everyday. The same events playing over and over again, with the same incredibly hard battles that give you disappointing rewards, it can get hard to keep playing. The battle pass gave an entirely new reason to come back, especially for some good rewards. However it ends far too early into the 30 day season, leaving the game in the same state that it was before the pass even released, for the majority of the time you play the game. Now I hate to compare it to fortnite, but in the earliest seasons of the game, the seasons were the exact opposite, being in general very hard to fully max up by the end of the season without spending V-bucks for levels. But this made players constantly have more content to be playing the game for, as the seasonal missions and, unlike this game, rewards were constantly something new to try for when you next went into a match.

So here are the ways I’ve been thinking that the battle pass could be changed, to make it more present in late game players experience, and still attractive to the less dedicated players as well.

The first idea, also the simplest, is just add rewards after the main prize, such as Blue in this season, but with larger gaps of required points to unlock. It is important to mention that I believe this should be a premium pass exclusive, as the extremely dedicated players are the ones buying the premium, and it would drive more casual players to become dedicated. Plus unlike VIP, you aren’t having to wait multiple months and therefore times of payment, to start being rewarded. Instead, you purchase one season, and get all the rewards in it all at once. Now, all the levels in the current season, are only 250 points apart, so they could stagger the rewards after the main prize but sequentially increasing that point gap after reaching the 7,250. Let’s say at 8,000 you get the first extra reward, 9,000 next, 10,500, and so on. The rewards should be heavily limited to DNA or Bucks, or maybe even S-DNA packs or S-DNA itself. There should not be anymore coin, food, or building rewards, as these are premium only and takes a minimum of 3x the points as a regular tier in the pass. In my opinion, this would be an amazing option as they could add so many high tier rewards at extremely high goals. Maybe at 25,000 points, if that’s even possible at this time, the rewards could be a VIP exclusive SG pack. Or maybe make it so that you have to complete so many missions in the entire season to unlock the final prize, giving us a reason to constantly come back every single day to complete missions. There are so many possibilities to change and adjust this idea to be balanced but also rewarding for players. But I really think this idea could breathe a new light into Jurassic world, that really hasn’t been there since the first mosasaurus tournament that was 30 days long, which is give the players a reason to continually come back excited for the game for long periods of time. I think this is something VIP unfortunately failed at, and could make up for the overall lack-lusterness of the VIP exclusive rewards that take months to really benefit from, and don’t give you a reason to come back everyday, but just a reason to buy VIP every month as you don’t want to be punished and lose all the progress.

I did not realize how long I was typing this out, and am interested in hearing from members of the community about how they feel on the pass, what’d they’d like to see changed or not, and etc… Feel free to critique as much as you want! And @Keith I’d love to hear your feed back as well.


Good idea(s) but I’m afraid that if Ludia seriously considers this, their solution could be to

  • double or triple the amount of points for the final prize and
  • give you an intermediate prize every 500 or 750 points instead of 250.

U should change the last tier of the battle pass back to blue unless it depends on the level bc a youtuber has it as blue but for me its a gold raptor riot pack

mine did too but i dont know why some said it was because vip but i have vip and ive seen someone have blue without VIP and their recording of it was only 2 days ago meaning that ours is bugged i tried reaching out to ludia twice but never recieved a response for either only response i got was from the support bot saying that an agent would respond when they had the chance but it never happened im losing hope and i might just end up opening the pack cause im tired of waiting even tho its only been 2 days.

I think the final prize is level dependant

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