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Changes from Release Notes

If you notice anything ingame that differs from what was specified from the Release Notes, post them here. Some I’ve noticed are:

  • Purutaurus has Long Protection instead of Short Defense
  • Ardontosaurus has Instant Invincibility instead of Extended Critical Strike

I reeeaally wanted that Extended Critical Strike…

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And I really love long protection on purutaurus


Damage output does not properly reflect how much your boost indicates it is supposed to do


Koolabourgiania has Instant Invincibility isntead of Instant Distraction. It also doesn’t have the same damage as erlidomimus as the notes state.

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Non boosted even level erlidom no longer one shots non boosted dracocera. Know that’s not pertaining to patch notes, but a big problem lol


Well it shouldn’t happen anyway haha

Sarcorixis didn’t get the instant move it should he keep the same old moveset

There weren’t any changes of it’s moveset on the release notes though.

Seriously? I’m Confuse now :thinking: I’m pretty sure a croc did got a instant lock down move and I tough it was sarcorixis :sweat_smile:

Koola gen 1 's slowing impact didn’t change to distracting rampage.

Gryposuchus and Grypolyth got it, as stated

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No…!!! This is so much worse :frowning:

Edited : and even if it has same damage as Erlidomimus, all of its moves are 1X attack so it won’t be a heavy hitter.

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This applied to Skoolasaurus, not Koolasuchus, as stated in the notes.

So I contribute something, a MH data mine says that swap in stun is now 100% instead of 66%

I see. Thanks for clarifying!

Do you mean even though in-game text says it’s 66%, it’s actually 100% in game play ?

Btw where can I find the migration info ? I kept seeing people talking about it but couldn’t find it anywhere. Edited : NVM I found it.

Purutaurus so far is not disapointing finnaly counter atack is doing good :heart_eyes: purrolyth is also good now, I believe magalosuchus is also viable again

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Exactly, that’s why it needed that 1500 damage.

I agree, Purutaurus is amazing and I love that thing. Haven’t tested the other 2 yet.

Still not impressed with megalo. Benched it again and regret the gorgosuchus dna I wasted leveling it up two more times.