Changes I view as critical to the continued success of this game

Another thing they really need to address is removing the strikes once completed. I am happy that they moved featured stops to many other areas as that helped a large portion of the player base. It did however hurt me. I won’t run all over town, sitting in front of peoples houses trying to get featured dino. The park featured drops diminished greatly and the ones that are remaining are typically overwritten by the strike towers. I have pretty much quit going after featured except epic as they are just too much of a pain to deal with in its current state.

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Wow, I am surprised (pleasantly) at the amount of feedback and support this thread has received.

To those who had the ideas before me - know that I support you and am not looking to take credit :slight_smile: We have a really great and passionate community. Thank you for your support!

To those who supported what I wrote, thank you! I have to believe Ludia will take note of this thread, its too visible not to. And thats thanks to you!

To those who added their own ideas - keep em coming! I certainly didnt cover everything and I appreciate your contributions to the discussion.

To those who want bugs fixed - I’m right there with you :slight_smile:

And finally to those who disagree, or agree but offered a different solution - thank you for offering your perspective!!

Mods - A big theme here is not just whether or not we are listened to - but also that we are acknowkedged. Would you please pass that along to Ludia, and either ask them to say something or at least pass along word through you?

This is a great game with a passionate userbase. Lets make it the best we can!!!


I’m a big fan of all of it, especially the idea of level synced tournaments.


Suck it up butter cup. Life goes on and these are dinosaurs. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ONE? I have one in my livingroom, that’s incredible. Also… …also…I can put any dinosaur I have caught there.

All sound like great ideas! Only one I would add is a concede button! Would take away a lot of the time-wasting while losing for newer players who don’t actually stand a chance in 90% of match-up or those that have just broken into a new tier in arena etc would also make the tourney alot more enjoyable for situations where my last Dino is almost gone and opponent switches in Indo raptor and then waits 15 seconds b4 finishing me because they have walked off because it’s safe win

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I only agree in part. I feel they need to build different “leagues” for the tournaments because I, for one, don’t have the money to spend on in-game purchases, I have a full-time job and help kids with homework and take care of day-to-day life. My kids and I thoroughly enjoy this game, but there’s no way on Earth we will ever be competitive in any of these tournaments. The OP mentions how being 1/3 of the way through the tourney and there’s so few people on level 9…that just made my eyes pop out! Here we are 2 weeks in and I see the Top 3 are over 20k in trophis while my kids and I are sitting in the upper 1000s/lower 2000s. Occasionally, in an arena battle we come across someone with Legendary and/or unique animals and they just obliterate us, even when we have a team of Epics. Like I said, I can only speak for my household, but I suspect my story isn’t unique.

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These are good suggestions. They definitely need to take a page out of other mobile games book. Casual mode like hearthstone and an arena where 3 losses and ur out, higher wins gives a better incubator/more rewards. Cloak needs a rework, too much rng not fun. I was just thinking about the community aspect today. I’ve met 0 people through this game, because there’s literally no interaction. its like a single player grind. needs changing. and levels should mean more than just one extra dart, the progression feels stagnant and its killing the initial fun of playing.

Just wanted to say kudos to Ludia - youve addressed a lot of these concerns!!

Gives me hope for the rest. Im especially looking forward to real tournaments that have entry fees, tiered rewards and level synced content to even the playing field. Encourages us to unlock lots of dinos.