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Changes in Defense Shattering rampage?


Defense Shattering rampage goes to Cooldown 2? If so, the change affects a large number of dinos: Indo, tryko, Tryo, tentotorex … and some of them would become unusable (Tryo) and will force Indo to use Cloak.

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Where do you see these changes?


I don’t see such a change in game…


Any update on this??? Just some random comment about DSR being nerfed and nothing to back it up?

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I don’t see anything about DSR being updated…


I think he was suggesting it


If you go to the It appears un tryko, indo, Thor etc but i m not sure if its an old error


I’m looking in the game now, and DSR has a cooldown of 1 and a delay of 1


Yep. Still not seeing it. I’m seeing cooldown 1 and delay 1

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There’s no way in hell Ludia would ever nerf indoraptor that badly.

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well maybe its only in Spanish


No way … that’s a huge nerf!!! Why would they do that? Omg


that is saying there is a 2 turn delay not 2 turn recharge… that’s even worse…

That would be it for me. I’d hang up the old hunting boots.


Makes me wonder what other surprises are hidden in other language packs.


Ludia better not do this. Praying it’s just a text error.


That’d be epic. Talk about flipping the meta on its head

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That has been a glitch in the Spanish vs English settings since December 18. I remember switching my phone back and forth between Spanish and English and seeing the delay change.


It’s distracting rampage that getting nerfed not defence shattering rampage!


His picture shows otherwise


Although tbh i dont believe they would actually do it