Changes in my team

Hi all,

So I’m struggling with selecting the best team. I’m thinking of adding Coelhaast and Skoonasaurus to the team and removing 2 dinos in the current team. But I’m not sure what is a smart move. Any suggestions? Thanks! I attached an overview of my team and my strongest (highest level) dinos.

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Skoona and Coel for Monolometro and Thor/Allosino.

4 chompers are way to much for the meta right now.

Also look up Gamepress Tierlist. They explain why some Hybrids are stronger and better then others. And if you really want to improve and go futher in ranks, then stop leveling legendarys.


Thanks so much for the advice! I checked the tier list. That’s why I decided to try to get Phorurex, Skoonasaurus, Testa and Coelhaast :slight_smile: I stopped leveling up legendarys some time ago (with Coelhaast being an exception) when I learned about the Tier lists. But unfortunately I have some quite high lvl legendarys now haha. Thanks again!


At least you can stomp the advantage tournaments :slight_smile:


Haha true! One last question. Which dino is stronger in pvp: Allosinosaurus or Thor?

So I know whether to remove allosino or thor. Allosino has better stats and armor, but thor has rampage…

also thor has resistance + a good group attack

As much as i hate Thor, i have to say he outclasses Allosino.
As mammad said. Rampage and resistances make a big differents.

I would say to get rid of Allosino. Thor has better resistances and more output with rampage. Allosino also has 2 moves that can go through shields while Thor has 3

Oke thanks all! I removed Allosino and Monolometrodon and replaced them by Skoonasaurus and Coelhaast. One last question regarding Coelhaast. It looks pretty good in the tierlist and I think its strong in battles. But do you guys think its worth leveling and boosting this one more? It’s lvl 22 now.

My team now looks like this:

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I honestly have no clue.

Ngl, in pvp, allosinosaurus is better. The armor comes in handy

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Boost Coelhaast it’s the best legendary in the game probably and can take you to gyrosphere and even shores


Should I only boost it or also level it up?

Probably level up too

Coelhaast getting you to even Gyro is a bit of a stretch, especially with how dominant Ankylos Lux and Skoonasaurus are in the meta.

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i also dont think its the best legendary in the game…

Skoonasaurus isn’t very dominant anymore

It isn’t in the top 100. Skoona is pretty common even in Aviary. Ankylos Lux, Spinoconstrictor, Testacornibus, and even Diorajasaur also make it difficult to use Coelhaast, since the unique meta has creatures with better stats and resistances that help them take down flocks.

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