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Changes (Nerf) to VIP?

Unfortunately, I broke my leg over the Thanksgiving holiday. This makes it extremely difficult to get out and dart. I am actually considering taking on VIP for a month thinking that the 30% additional range could help. Today’s PowerUp Strike is just out of my outer circle for instance. I would not bother with VIP if I was not incapacitated.

In looking at the VIP offer, however, it appears that it no longer extends range, just drone battery life? It says nothing on the page about extended range. I was also a little surprised that VIP is no longer offered in the store.

Was there a change in VIP that I somehow missed?

Seems like the free trial is gone too, or I would just give it a shot to see if it still extends the range.

VIP still provides extended range. I don’t believe anything has changed with VIP.

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Thanks - was looking all over for info on it, but it’s not listed as an advantage anymore.

I have always seen it as though the extended battery life is the extended range…as in you have more battery so you can go farther.

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Technically, the extended battery life means a few more seconds to dart creatures than non vip members.

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Yeah, that would not help me since the strike is just out of range.

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It actually means both. Range has to be dependent on the power to reach that range…but time shooting also has to be dependent on the power.

So it still has the 30% range increase?

Yes it does, like Gpx said…I don’t see anything has changed.


Well when I last had VIP, the VIP gave increased battery and my range circle was 200m instead of 150m. Couldnt say what it is now but jt definitely used to extend range and flight time.

Would be curious to see if they removed the range thing.

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@Stiffeno - Yes, still gives some extra range. I was able to hit the multi-level strike tower without trying to get out, so that was good. Probably worth the $10 until I am able to move again.

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