Changes to Abilities to Balance or Modernize them

There are currently a whopping 342 abilities in the game, since we’ve been getting tons of new abilities in the recent updates. However, some of these new moves are too strong, while many old ones are outdated. This topic will go over every single ability that I think needs changing, and why it should receive that change. This will not include changes to ability names, just their effects.

Adrenaline Pulse

  • Lower cooldown to 2
  • Apply damage increase for 2 turns after the heal
  • Apply Speed Increase for 2 turns

The signature ability of Postosuchus, Adrenaline Pulse is among the most forgettable abilities in the game. If the ability gets buffed, more creatures could be added that utilize the move. Giving it shorter cooldown, attack increase, and speed increase while keeping the low heal make sure the move is useful yet balanced.


  • Increase Cooldown to 3

100% chance stunning priority move that heals 1.5X and increases damage is way too strong for a 2 cooldown move. As such, adding an extra cooldown turn would help balance it.

Critical Impact

  • Lower cooldown to 1

This is just a worse version of Rampage, it should’ve had one cooldown to begin with.

Critical Rampage

  • Lower Cooldown to 1

Just Rampage but better, it doesn’t need 2 cooldown.

Defensive Rending Attack

  • Lower cooldown to 1

Rending Attack deals 40% Rend and has 1 cooldown, making it the rend equivalent of Defense Shattering Impact. If it’s a shattering impact with shield, it shouldn’t have the same cooldown as the 2x damage Definite Shield Advantage.

Distracting Strike, Impact, Rampage, and Revenge Strike

  • Reduce cooldown to 1

For how common these moves are, they’re kinda meh. When comparing them to Cunning moves, they trade cleanse and nullification for an extra turn of distraction, which would be a fair trade. However, the Distracting moves also get an extra cooldown, which isn’t really fair. If the revenge versions of the impact and rampage can have one cooldown, it don’t see the problem with these either, as it’d buff a lot of underperforming creatures, some of the biggest buffs include Dakotanops, Tenontorex, Poukandactylus, Diplovenator, Erlidominus, Utarinex, and Magnapyritor.

Evasive Cunning Impact

  • Increase cooldown to 2

Ankylodactylus is a rediculously strong legendary, easily top 3, and this move is a big reason why. It’s a priority Impact with one cooldown and can cleanse, nullify, distract, and dodge, meaning most non-resilients are guaranteed required to hit it well over 3 times to kill it. Increasing the cooldown to 2 would lower its power while still making it a formidable legendary.

Evasive Stance

  • Increase dodge chance to 100%

Evasive Stance is regularly regarded as a useless throwaway move with barely any notable usage, likely due to the dodge being luck-based. Giving the move guaranteed dodges will help creatures such as Indoraptor in winning different matchups.

Evasive Wounding Strike

  • Increase dodge chance to 75%

50% dodge never made sense to have on the move for me, and Spinocon is already starting to underperform again, so a small buff wouldn’t hurt to have.

Expose Weak Spot

  • Add priority
  • Add Remove Dodge and Remove Cloak effects

One of the most boring and forgettable moves in the game, Expose Weak Spot is only on Carbotoceratops and is just a better Vulnerability Strike with a cooldown. Giving it dodge removal and priority separates it from the basic vulnerability moves and gives more reason for it to be used on other creatures in the future.

Extended Critical Strike

  • Lower Cooldown to 2
  • Increases Crit chance to 100%

Another bad move only used by one creature, this move is exclusive to Argentinosaurus. This buff, along with another ability buff mentioned later, could help Argentino perform a bit better, and gives the move opportunity to be used for future creatures.

Fierce Swap In Strike

  • Delete ability

This move is just Swap In Shattering Strike with a different icon and Vulnerability cleanse, which will never go into effect unless a Dracorex swaps in on the same turn as you, which will never happen.

Greater Stunning Impact and Strike

  • Remove delay

With Quill Impact being in the game, Greater Stunning Strike and Impact don’t really need delay anymore. Quill Impact is just Greater Stunning Impact with distraction and no delay, so it’d make sense for the other basic stunning moves to have no delay as well.

Group Decelerating Strike

  • Remove Cooldown

As of now, Group Decelerating Strike is just Group Decelerating Rampage with only half the damage, which is terrible. If Group Defense Shattering Strike has zero cooldown, why not Group Decelerating Strike?

Group Ferocity Strike

  • Lower cooldown to 2

In PvP, Group Ferocity Strike is worse than Ferocious Strike in every way. Since Ferocity moves always have 2 turns of increased damage while Ferocious moves have 3, a lower cooldown would be fair compensation for that.

Group Revenge Shattering Rampage

  • Target All Opponents without revenge

This move uses the same logic as Resilient Rampage Revenge in that it targets all foes only on revenge. However, this move actually has “Group” in the name, implying that it should always attack all foes.

Group Takedown

  • Delete move, give creatures Ready To Crush or Group Ferocity instead.

This move is just a worse Group Ferocity, not much to explain here.

Instant Cunning Strike

  • Remove dodge

The name of the attack doesn’t even imply dodge, and it gives Preon more stall power than necessary.

Instant Ferocious Revenge

  • Increase damage after attacking

A 2.25X damage priority impact with extra setup for your next hit is too much. Increasing the damage after hitting keeps the move at 1.5X damage while granting an extra turn of setup as compensation.

Lethal Quill Shot

  • Remove Delay

Scorpios Rex was really only useful for one or two updates before underperforming, so removing the delay gives it a better T1 option while making it more similar to the other Quill moves.

Merciless Alert

  • Break Shields

Being a move with a cool name and only being used by uniques, this move sounds better than it actually is. Giving it shield break helps it better against the creatures it’s supposed to counter.

Minimal Critical Counter

  • Increase crit chance to 10%

As an Albertospinos user, I can confirm this move is near useless and barely helps me with crits. Giving extra crit chance to the move would definitely help out with that.

Minor Swoop

  • Remove Delay

Cleansing Swoop is better than Minor Swoop in every way due to its turn usability in which Minor Swoop lacks. This buff would give creatures with the move extra use and a better T1.

Piercing Revenge

  • Remove delay

Another ability with unnecessary delay, this would give Andrewtops a bit more of a fighting chance when revenge isn’t available.

Piercing Screech

  • Increase crit chance to 50%
  • Increase Distract to 75%

For the signature move of an Apex, this move is very underwhelming. This buff would give it some much needed PvP usage.

Ravenous Rampage

  • Remove delay

Another buff to a Haast Maximus signature move to better improve the creature’s viability and give it a better T1.

Resilient Rampage Revenge

  • Increase cooldown to 2

Thia nerf makes the move on par with Group Revenge Shattering Rampage as they use the same logic, and also nerfs Parathops’s unnecessarily good H2H prowice without nerfing it to the ground.

Short Defense

  • Delete ability

This ability is useless to have in the game. It’s outclassed in every way by moves like Taunting Shields, Group Taunting Shields Strike, Long Defense Strike, Revenge Protection, and more.

Super Distraction

  • Remove DoT and Stun
  • Nullify All Positive Effects

As many people know, Super Distraction is super broken. It has an unnecessary 50% DoT that helps it kill Ref’s own counters. It also has 25% Stun chance for no reason other than to bring more RNG into battles. These two effects should be removed, and the move should instead nullify all positive effects just so the ability isn’t just an Instant Distraction with an impact.

Swap In Shields

  • Delete Ability

It’s literally the same thing as Swap In Defense since it doesn’t matter whether or not either move applies taunt.

Taunt Shattering Rampage

  • Lower Cooldown to 1

A small buff to Ardentismaxima by removing an unnecessary cooldown on the move.

Toxic Quills

  • Lower DoT amount to 25%

Arguably among the top 3 best moves in the game, this single ability was capable of driving several creatures out of the meta. Lowering the DoT may give some creatures an extra turn to fight back or swap to a new creature.


Don’t forget raking claws. Why does it have a delay? When all it does is remove dodge. Same with taunting rampage, I’m sorry what? IT’S JUST A NORMAL RAMPAGE BUT WITH TAUNT AND TAUNT IS USELESS IN PVP. Also raking claws should apply a 50% distraction or 20% dot for 2 turns 4 attacks.


Also Group Revenge Shattering Rampage should always target all opponents and have a cooldown of one
Don’t forget Defense Shattering Moves and Distraction
They’re just worse versions of Fierce and Cunning Abilities that Ludia didn’t update on creatures after 2.0
However Nonhybrid flocks can keep Distraction since bleed is useful countering them
Also Distracting Strike and Instant Invincibility are just completely useless moves
Remove them
I agree with almost all of your changes

For some reason I disagree

I disagree, Preon has really low hp it needs it I think maybe change the icon or name to match the ability

So why not remove Swap In Resilient Strike as well?

It should be renamed to Revenge Resilient Rampage as well. And why does it target all opponents on Revenge when no other Revenge-type Rampages (expect GRSR) does that, and why are the Revenge-type Rampages inconsistent with their number of cooldowns?

The more I look at this, the more confused I get.

The two common flocks have this ability (Distraction)
In a tournament format bleed is one of their weaknesses so I feel they should keep it instead of getting it replaced with Cunning Strike

But they are cunning and cunning are pose to beat fierce and that’s a fierce attack (dot)

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It’s sad that ludia isn’t going to listen to you, even though you spent considerable time analyzing each attack and came up with the suggestion.

But as a fellow player, i appreciate your work!


Because it’s useful and it’s very different than any other Swap in ability

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Definite abilities should cleanse distraction to make them truly definite.


Even though Short Defense has a longer shielding than Taunting Shields.

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How? The shield effect on TS last for twice the amount of attacks that SD has; according to the Dinodex anyway.

These two perturb me. Mainly because of the descriptions comparing them to the vanilla Rampage, especially CI, as that’s Impact with the additional feature of increasing Crit Chance by 100.0%.