Changes To All Turtle Hybrids

Here are all my new changes to the turtle hybrids


Which hybrid redesign is your favorite?

  • Testacornibus
  • Smilonembys
  • Entelolania
  • Mammolania
  • Carbotoceratops

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only one attack for mammolania???

Keep in mind that it’s base attack can be buffed by a lot! With the mix of ferocious stance and the persistent ferocious strike.

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OH, I forgot about that

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Smilo has way too many delays, It has no utility like that. The double rampage kit is much better. I honestly prefer It with 4200 HP too.

I like entelolania but distracting impact comes from nowhere, perhaps a healing move would be better?

Testacornibus looks good

Not a fan of the mammolania one, i think It should be more resilient and not use ferocious moves. Even the kit It has now allows It to beat almost any end game chomper. Superior vulnerability would be a better strike for It imo

Carboto is kinda weird with armor piercing, doesn’t really fit. I think a better option would be: superior vulnerability, Dig in, devastation, distracting impact.


I understand what your saying I just wanted the smilo to have a little more carbonembys in it.

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Maybe give It superior vulnerability and Dig in? It could keep precise pounce and rampage and run but still have a lot of turtle in it. I feel that would be a really good kit for It too

2 devastations is 1 too many devastation
keep devas. and run but replace reg. devas. with maybe dig in taunt

Thank you for your feedback

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