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Changes to Fierce attacks?

So we all know the game isn’t perfect right now. It isn’t balanced, with resilients (and a few in particular like Maxima and Tryko) being a bit too strong. On top of this, there’s a lot of weird oversights, like how fierce attacks are functionally identical to defense shattering attacks when on dinosaurs that are immune to vulnerability. Thor is perhaps the most well known example of this, but it also effects several other dinos as well. My full article about this redundancy can be found here.

But what if I told you that there was a way to address (though probably now entirely fix) both of these problems with a single change? What if fierce attacks were buffed across the board? Not by a lot mind you, but enough so that they were a) stronger against resilients and b) further differentiated from defense shattering. I feel like Ludia gave these attacks to so many dinos (including ones where it has no benefit over defense shattering) because they want them to be slightly better than defense shattering, but usually they aren’t. So I don’t think a slight buff would be unprecedented. They also may have to redistribute fierce/defense shattering moves depending on which of these changes were made. Now this buff could take a few forms, so here are my suggestions:

Option A: Increase Critical Hit Chance
Why? Fierce creatures specialize in high damage, so this would allow them to do more damage more often. This wouldn’t have to be a huge increase either - maybe just a 5% increase for one attack, lasting one turn. Or it could be stronger, maybe as strong as a 10% crit chance increase for two turns? Essentially, fierce attacks would crit slightly more often than the average move, or could help boost the crit chance for other moves as well.
Pros: Benefits fierce creatures universally (as you will see, some other options do not), requiring minimal changes to movesets.
Cons: Could easily become too strong on some dinos with an already high crit chance (like Thor). That said, Thors only fierce attack is fierce strike, which is never used anyway since Thor is immune to vulnerable and has a defense shattering impact available every turn. It would also stack with stuff like Ready to Crush, so that would have to be kept in mind when balancing how much of a buff this gives.

Option B: Cleanse Deceleration
Why? Fierce creatures are meant to counter resilients, and fierce attacks already cleanse one resilient debuff in vulnerability. So letting fierce attacks cleanse the most common resilient debuff as well could help them counter them.
Pros: helps fierce creatures maintain an advantage over resilients, nerfing the later group in the process.
Cons: This wouldn’t entirely fix the fierce/defense shattering attack redundancy, since some dinosaurs (e.g. Tryo, Secodontosaurus) are immune to both vulnerability and deceleration, so these attacks would still function the same. Additionally, many fierce creatures are already immune to deceleration, and those that aren’t (namely chompers) probably shouldn’t be able to cleanse deceleration to prevent those speed demon Thors and T Rex from becoming way to strong.

Option C: Defense Shattering no longer removes taunt
Why? Some defense shattering attacks already don’t remove taunt (e.g. group defense shattering strike, revenge shattering rampage), so removing this ability across the board would add consistency (at the very least, they should give these moves the ability to remove taunt if they didn’t go through with this change).
Pros: differentiates fierce and defense shattering attacks without really changing much. Arena would be the same, but at least raids would be different.
Cons: does nothing to nerf resilients. In fact, it actually makes fierce creatures a tiny bit weaker in raids if they don’t have fierce moves, so they would have to give put fierce attacks to fierce creatures that lack them.

Anyway, I’m curious what everyone thinks, so feel free to vote in the poll below. It only gives you one choice, but if you would prefer a specific variation of one of these options, multiple options together, or a different option entirely, let me know!

  • Option A: Increase Crit Chance
  • Option B: Cleanse Deceleration
  • Option C: Defense Shattering Doesn’t Remove Taunt
  • Don’t Change Anything!
  • Other

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If you said “other”, did you mean…

  • A and B
  • A and C
  • B and C
  • A, B, and C
  • An entirely different option

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I like the idea of increasing Crit chance, because this would give a little bump up to Cunning creatures because the remove Crit chance increases. May not be the best option, but it does seem interesting.


I kind of want a mix of A and C. The increased crit chance would be a nice addition and gives a bit more meaning to cunning moves as well. And having fierce be the abilities that remove taunt will differentiate the two a bit more.


Yeah I was thinking that with the cunning moves too. Even if they do increase crit chance, there’s already a counter built into the game.

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I’ve been leaning towards this combination myself. If they did that, they should give fierce moves to some of the fierce creatures that lack them, both to benefit from the increased crit chance and to remove taunt.

Currently, fierce attacks are objectively the weakest archetype attack in the game because the only useful thing it really does is remove shield and bypass armour (resilient can remove evasive, speed increase, and cleanse distraction; cunning can remove critical chance, attack increase, and distract). To match the function of fierce, fierce attacks should increase critical chance and damage by 10% for one turn and cleanse deceleration/vulnerability. This provides fierce creatures with a bit more leverage over resilient, but still renders them counterable by cunning abilities.


I would prefer selective deceleration immunity over deceleration cleansing, but fierce does need some help.