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Changes to my team?


Hello, Im wondering if I should make any changes to my team, I’m currently at 3.4k Throphys, struggling to get 3.5k.


Swap Postimetridon for Tryostronix. Get Diloranosaurus leveled up. Level up Utasinoraptor, put it on your team in place of Suchotator.


I’m not sure running 2 bleeders is the best way to go. Bleeders work well when hitting high HP dinos but so many teams have shed the multiple tank model for fast Dinos & Swap in DSR Dracos. I would abandon Suchotator I know some love it and have sent it all the way to 30 but in the long run, it is not the best time and coin investment.

Push Utasino up to 20 if you can, it is a hassle to deal with and fun to use. By the time you get it to 20 I would imagine the 1.7 notes will be out then you can decide if you want to work on Utarinex or just keep leveling Utasino.


When Dillorano gets leveled up would she have a spot on my team or is leveling her only good for her hybrid? Also, would a level 18 Trystonix be better than a level 20 Postimetrodon? Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

I personally liked running double bleeders cause Spinotahsuchus is my main lead and Suchotator is a back up bleeder, but I can dump Sucho for Utahsino. I also haven’t been leveling up Utahsino cause in working on Thor, would I be best to continue on or stop fusing Allosino and work on Utahsino getting 20?


Postimetridon’s damage is very underwhelming. Tryostronix is one of the best tank/defense crushers you can have in your team at this time. I’d say Dilorano would be a good asset in your team, but I think there are just as suitable cogs in the team right now. But Utasino is currently one of the best legendaries in the game


If you were to take anything out for Dilorano, it’d probably be Stegod