Changes to starting trophies (skill tournaments only)

I’m still not fond of it altogether, but I understand the poor newbies were getting kicked around by a lot of us without it (some of them still are even with this system in place, but I digress).

But here I’m talking specifically about the Skill Tournaments.

The clue is in the name. We’re all on even ground. Same levels, no boosts. For a lot of skill tournaments, a brand new player with just the bare minimum of dinos can jump right in. I mean I’m in library, and I am still getting players trying to continuously distract my Indoraptors, sometimes multiple times in a match. You can absolutely be a high level player and be bad at this game, and vice versa.

The truth is, we don’t need them in a lot of skill tournaments. And if we do, I don’t feel like anyone higher than Aviary should receive more trophies. By Aviary, you’ll likely have the same amount of dinos as someone in Library or even Gyrosphere. There’s no need for it at all.

Let’s not get started on the common skill tournaments - really?

So for TLDR; people: Starting trophy amounts should go no higher than Aviary in Skill Tournaments. By Aviary, you’re an established player who knows the ins and outs of battle, have a good variety of dinos (unless you’re purposefully avoiding them) and absolutely are on even ground with even the highest of players.


It’s literally gonna just make it a repeat of the last error with the +82 trophies, but with more people. The ones that have more trophies (that have more free time) will gain an advantage vs other players that don’t have starting trophies.
And the ones in above aviary get to smash people with lower dinos (if we are talkin 2 rarity type tourneys)… this would hurt them just like the other error.

Yeah i don’t really see the point of that on skill tournaments on any level whatsoever. They should just start equal.

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Because new players won’t have legendary and uniques, it would be a day of slaughter for newer players. That wouldn’t be fun for them and they’ll just stop playing in the tournament. I prefer the separation. With epics, rates or commons, sure it’s not needed, since they’ll already have those and it’s an even playing field.

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Yeah I agree. Starting trophies for skill tournaments should depend on the rarity of dinos used in said tournament. I am a library player and I can beat up shore players or lose to aviary players in skill tournaments.

Common skill - 0 starting trophies for everyone
Rare skill - No extra starting trophies past arena 2 (S.S. Acadia)
Epic Skill - No extra starting trophies past arena 5 (Lockdown)
Legendary Skill - No extra starting trophies past arena 8 (Lockwood Estate)
Unique Skill - No extra starting trophies past arena 11 (Lockwood Library)

This way, each new rarity goes up by 3 arenas. I made Library the threshold for unique because I feel like in aviary, not many people have full unique teams yet.

Or there could just be no starting trophies at all for any skill tournament, it’s always worked fine like that before… it’s only an issue at all when it’s a widespread across different rarities like the current tournament (having 4 rarities allowed, usually there’s only 1 rarity so anyone that can participate isn’t at a disadvantage anyhow).


any person that doesn’t get starting trophies will have to grind like what happened yesterday… with the +82. This happened to me and with the free time I had I got to 810, but still… that would make those with less free time not be able to grind their way to preferred camping spot.
And yes, RIP newer players if this happens.

Yes, that’s a good idea, and I think those are good amounts. New players won’t be hurt by it, because they’ll never see anyone they shouldn’t.

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