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Changes to the apexes

It’s no doubt that Hadros lux has become less usable after 2.9. The opposite can be said for ceramagnus.

To fix lux I would give it a medium decelerating counter. This means it can decelerate only when attacked and I would also change the attack to 1350, 1300, or 1400.

To fix ceramagnus I would just lower the attack to 1350 and raise the cooldown of group acceleration to 2.

Finally mortem rex. I would give it it’s stun resistance back maybe make it immune to stun and also give its vulnerability resistance back, and raise the health to 4800


That can effect tuoromoloch a lot and can ruin lots of strats. I would rather remove group acceleration from ceramagnus.


true. there are some raid strats that require toura to set upp with group acceleration for the next round.

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any other ideas? what would group acceleration be replaced with? or is the damage nerf enough?

Group Acceleration can be replaced with Decelerating (or Group Decelerating) Impact (or Strike) or something like that

Or maybe Mutual Fury? :thinking:


It could get a different move with a similar effect and longer cooldown, so It wouldn’t affect tuora.

As for Lux, I would change Rampage to Group Decelerating Rampage and Greater Emergency Heal to Emergency Group Heal

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I agree with some of the suggestions, but i think they need some more detail
I think Lux should indeed get a medium decelerating counter and an attack nerf (1300 would probably be enough), but also a change in abilities. Like someone once suggested, I think all apexes should get their own signature move. It could get it’s own special healing ability instead of GEH, regenerating shields: a priority 1.5x heal that puts up a shield for 1 turn, tagets the whole team, has no delay, cooldown 2. And also trade the rampage for an impact, probably resilient impact.

For Mortem i completely agree with you. It needs 100% stun and vulnerability resistance and a bit more hp. But i also think It needs cleansing impact replaced with a special move: Devour: an armor piercing and defense shattering, 2x move that heals half of the damage dealt, and also grants a 25% attack buff after using It. It is a revenge move, has delay of 1 and cooldown of 2, no delay on revenge, cooldown the same.

As for Ceramagnus, the first thing i think is necessary is a nerf in damage. I think It should still be a high damage swapper, but no more than 1400 damage, and then a change to its kit and resistances. Imo It should lose stun resistance, too many resilients are immune to stun but i don’t see why they should be so good at countering each other, it’s fierce dinos that should be more resistant to stun, not resilients. As for the kit, I don’t think group accel is the main problem with It, it’s actually just the high damage output. Group accel helps It against cunning creatures and i don’t think that’s a problem, but that combined with a rampage is able to counter fierce creatures that It shouldn’t counter. So my solution is to keep group accel, but replace the rampage with cera’s own special move. Stampede: 1.5x attack, cleanse distraction and crit reduction, remove dodge and cloak, 75% chance to stun, apply vulnerability for 1 turn. Delay 1, coowdown 2.

Those are the moves i thought would fit them, but anyone feel free to suggest your own moves for them, i’d like to see interesting ideas If you have them


Is that like a self move, or group move?

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Oh i forgot about that, it’s a group move

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