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Changes to the Pity AI?

I’m not sure if the changes were intentional or not but ever since 2.0 dropped I’ve seen a spike in difficulty and behaviour in the AI battles. Mostly the pity or should I say “Pity” AI. Note that this is the Pity AI, not to be confused with the “Fight AI” AI.

Previously the Pity AI would continuously swap after the fight would reach 2 to 1, but now they do a single attack before swapping. This is still manageable and not too bad, makes them less of a pushover. However…

The major changes I noticed while battling the pity AI are:
Pity AI not seeming to get easier as you lose trophies.
Pity AI I’d experience prior to the last update in the 4300s cup zone are now appearing in the 3800s. Before the update by the time I’d lost about 100 trophies or so I’d start seeing the AI use less Uniques and more Rares. Now that I’ve been severely knocked down and in the 3800s, these Uniques are not letting up, and it’s pure luck that I beat them. My team is not boosted in the slightest.
(“Level your dinos!!!” “Use Uniques!!!” Levelling won’t really help here as it usually just results in even harder AI and even more ridiculous matchups)
This is basically what I’m seeing since the update dropped:

Also this is an AI Ardent from the previous update that I’d see around the 4300 mark,now it’s something I see regularly in the 3800s:

I’m not asking for the Pity AI to be totally nerfed into the ground, I just wish the fights were a lot more even compared to your team and less reliant on luck beating them. Maybe be slightly more “pity” like.