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Changing Battle Arena and Friend Combatants


I would say Ludia came up with a great idea. The problem isn’t that JWA is a good game or not, but the way people play or not play it.

Changing the battle arena into all dino are the same level for ranking combatants would end the competition of cheaters to win it all then. It would alter the concept of topping out with what you have to who plays the smartest in the battles.

Using your dino levels in friendly combatants with those extra incubators would change the game entirely.

If you take away the one thing that gets the spoofs where they are, then the spoofs have to change their way of playing to become better players all together.


so everyone just gets the minimum level dino and stops? i feel like ludia should hire you as their monetization expert.


Well, it would change the concept of competition to make other players rethink how they compete for the title. The gamer could gain their fun with friends and win incubators there as well.

So those who wish to be competitive can do so with their friends, and yhose who wish to have fun can do so with their friends.

Everybody wins and there would be no sore losers or ticked off players.


Ultimately, this isn’t particularly feasible. With Ludia’s current monetization scheme (ignoring it’s the most unfriendly kind of F2P version for competitive mobile games period), like CleverBoy pointed out, there wouldn’t be a reason to continue to level dinosaurs for ranked play, which would be enough to stall the game out. Even the option to have an arena where levels mattered wouldn’t help, since you could still easily farm the same-level arena without any real work on your teams beyond “get more options”.

There really isn’t an easy way to fix Arena. Sure, Ludia could be much more aggressive in weeding out and terminating spoofer accounts. But that doesn’t change the fact that their core monetization scheme allows players to use real world cash to skip enormous parts of the grind involved in the game.

Years down the line, that equation changes when the F2P players have reached the point where the wallet warriors paid to get, but there’s no way that doesn’t involve angering basically the entire player-base that matters to Ludia (the aforementioned wallet warriors) to cope with the disparity now.


Actually there would be for friendly bouts. Players would game to have fun and compete with each other. It will allow people to have their friends beat them.

It changes the game to fit the game not the competitor. But competitions would available for players who can strategically run each other in the ranking.

Otherwise their decisions will end up continually dropping and they will ultimately lose all their players except cheaters. The money from the game would cease.


Two problems with your suggestions, and those lie within the core concepts about JWA.

  1. Ludia marketed it as a competitive dinosaur combat simulator.
  2. Ludia monetized the game in a way where spending money allowed you to accelerate your team’s growth to get a competitive advantage.

Friendly competition is all well and good, but it’s a side feature of the game in its current form. To implement your suggestion, it would mean voiding the advantage that wallet warriors have bought already to date. Which would almost instantly incite enough rage to effectively kill JWA as a game, as all the players who have paid for their current teams refuse to put another cent forward, and anyone who was contemplating doing so now won’t, because all getting a new dinosaur grants is another option, since level doesn’t matter anymore.

Your idea will thus, never strike Ludia as more than a foolish joke, because Ludia has already implemented an unfriendly marketing strategy that makes it impossible to do without making the game not cost effective to continue to run.

Yes it sucks. Yes, it’s a bad monetization model.

But that’s the reality of it. F2P with this sort of monetization plan cannot, under any circumstances, afford to make the wallet warriors unwilling to spend that money to keep ahead of free players, because if they do the game dies. No profit for the company, no new development, no support, and no reason to keep the servers running because there’s no cash flow.


There’s already a ton of strategy involved in battles with how it currently is. People who think it’s the same button sequence for every battle don’t fully know what they’re doing. The order I use my attacks depends on what dino I’m facing. Making everyone the same level in battles would defeat the purpose of the entire game and kill it. The solution for people who have been identified as cheaters would be to reset all of their dino levels to 1 and enforce a zero tolerance policy. Also, I think that if someone has been identified as a cheater, they should have their max dino level set ridiculously low to teach them a lesson and not let them progress any farther with that account.


Unfortunately Ludia isn’t going to do anything about the cheaters, they’ve already lied about it. So with this in mind, I suggest two seperate battle arena programs. They obviously can siphon out the cheaters and spoofers already, so creating a second battle arena program separate from the other should be as simple as copy and paste. With two of the same battle arenas run on seperate programs it wouldn’t be that hard to keep all of the cheaters and spoofers in one of the battle arena programs, and the actual players the original battle arena program. That would be as fair as we could actually get with Ludia because of its decision to not ban cheaters or spoofers. This would satisfy the actual players in not having to face OP cheated teams and a chance to Really participate in the tournament. Also the cheaters would have to only play each other and not have a tournament of their own. I just find that to as much justice as we could actually get and it would be incredibly simple on a programming level.


Battle arena take downs are good, but the idea of having spoofers inside the game not allowing players to play and gain their advantages is very dosconcerning.

Ludia has lost so many players because the players have to go out of their way to buy dino levels and remember every single glitch and error combo to complete the battle arena.

My suggestion would offer changing the arena parameters by altering random players and making them higher or lower level players that would remove the cheating context entirely.

Dropping dino levels in the arena to all being the same level, would limit speed to which player is faster and which player is smarter with their combatants. The ending of spoofing would surely happen. Of course the only people who would get really mad about it are those who are buying their way to the top and spoofers themselves.