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Changing battle mode username

Hi all!

I was wondering if there is a way to change the username displayed in battle mode.
I accidentally hit “enter” as I was typing it, but it’s one letter short of what I actually wanted XD

Thanks in advance!

Sadly, a Battle ID name change feature is not available at the moment, but our team will look into it. :smiley: Once we have more information, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated here on the forums.

I see, that’s a shame. Thanks for the reply, though!

In that case, is there a way to reset the data on the game? In a way that would erase even the data synced with Google Play in order to start from scratch?

Our team could assist you further with that if you email them here at :slight_smile:

Has this changed? That is, do users have the ability to change their in-game names/battle arena names? Mine was apparently plucked directly from Game Center on iOS—and it’s my real name.