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Changing Battling Format to Improve Strategy Aspect of JWA


Quick poll to see if this is popular among the strategists out there

Suggestion of new battling format:
Everyone will have a team of 8 as currently.
Once battle starts, each battler will have the option to select the 4 dinos they would like to battle out of their opponents deck of 8

  • This allows for no surprises and gives you the opportunity to see what you’re up against Dinos-wise (level and type) or what they’re capable of strategizing with but you have absolute control by preventing that with your best anti-strategy selection of their dinos
  • While you don’t know what they have chosen for you as well, it forces you to put a team of 8 that you can work with in any battle or selection chosen for you by a person
  • This completely eliminates RNG selection which sometimes gives you the same 4 dinos game after game
  • This could prevent the plateau of the game battle mechanics with each meta (where you would win if you get that OP dino of the meta) and improve variety of dinosaur usage while the stats are adjusted in the meantime
  • Lastly you can incorporate the recede/quit button if you simply just don’t want to battle that person and save time and move on to the next battler (no more stalled games where one battler leaves letting other player wait for timer to keep running down)

The rest of the battle remains the same as is

Would you like to see this kind of battling setup?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Opponent will slso pick your 4 dinos, so how will both teams hsve strategy in what youll battle?
Also the same dinos will always be banned, matter of time before everyone complains about their hardworked tryko they cant ever use.

My counteridea is to keep it the way it is, but show each other what 4 dinos you drew.


Honestly, it is no different how the RNG decides on which 4 dinos it picks for you. You don’t know what strategy you will use either until you see your 4 dinos. This gives you the insight you need of your opponent to try to beat out their 4 lowest level dinos they have or whatever you may choose based on what you feel you can handle battle-wise. Or simply, you can see how unfair it is and you can quit in advance (for those out of rank battlers).

This ensures that you can have a nice battle everytime, leaving out any dino you know your team isn’t capable of handling or you’re simply not ready to deal with it in terms of what strategy you have or can manage for your team.

For Ludia, this can be remotely observed as to what dinos are almost never selected because that will indirectly tell them which are the OP dino of the season and why most folks avoid battling it.

If you’re confident that you’ll win regardless, then by all means choose all the strongest dinos and see what you can do in terms of your strategizing with the RNG 4 dinos or Opponent Selected because it’s the same practically. This gives the user the choice and not let RNG decide your fate.

I hope that puts it in a different perspective.

Thanks for your input @afbakappeltaart


Letting opponent picking your dino is the worst idea.

First of all, as the opponent, they will tend to pick either of the following:

  • 4 of your weakest dinos, so you are always going to use those.
  • 4 dinos without variety, for instance, no speedsters, or no chompers.

Team building will be affected by this too. For example, if I know my opponent is going to pick my dinos, and I put 8 tanks on my team. What I have to do is to not pick any of the chompers or bleeders.


Thanks for pointing out that component where folks will pick out your weakest dinos @guarou. This does happen on its own with RNG as well as you may have seen if you’ve battled plenty.

Doesn’t that mean you’re more likely to have a balanced team as to prevent them from choosing your weakest team every time? This is precisely why it forces you to balance out your team and strategy overall and not rely on one or two OP dinos the way it is now. If you don’t get those OP dinos from your team of 8 you feel the loss already.

The variety aspect where you can’t strategize also can happen with RNG choosing your dinos. I don’t see the difference. If you cannot strategize with what is on your team of 8 then it isn’t well put together to be able to work with even with RNG alone.


I voted no because opponents will refuse to select dinosaurs like Indominus, Indoraptor or whatever the current fan favourite OP is.


Sorry, still have the same perspective on why its really bad for battles…
Also, what gets banned the most doesnt necessarily mean its OP.
Strong is relative to meta, level and counterpossibilities as well for example.


@Colin_Goodman, that’s what this change is intended to do. Force folks to use other dinos because you can get bored of the same Indo after 100 battles, and you’ll know when you win and when you lose when you see the level upon it’s use.

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How is this better than rng? It has the exact same problem as rng in team selection; it takes control away from the player using the team and prevents them from building a team with strategy and synergy in mind. The only difference is now it’s players actively trying to give each other the worst team possible instead of a random algorithm.

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No, if my opponent picks my dinos, what I’m going to do is exactly put 8 tanks on the team, here are the reasons:

There are plenty of tanks in the game, most of them are superhybrids, like stegodeus, trago, meglosuchus, and they are at very high level. The dinos that counter them, let’s say chompers. Most people used their DNA on their unique versions, so not many people is overleveling their Rex gen 1, allosino, tyranno, or even indominus Rex. So as long as I don’t pick indo, tryko, tento, and thor, I’m pretty much golden since not many people overlevel their legendery chompers.

Bleeder can cause some problem but there are tanks like monostego and stegocera that can kill spinotasuchus in 2 hits, and these two are probably overleveled as well.


@typhoonhurricane18, I see your point but please do understand both issues are not exactly the same. In both RNG and user selection, you do not have control so it is the same in that regard. What is different is your fate isn’t already chosen based on RNG but rather user. If the user wants to choose all your non-uniques then isn’t that better than knowing an AI did it because your luck isn’t today?

So with the worst team chosen in mind everytime, wouldn’t you start to strategize more on what dino to select and use? You do have control over what is on your team. There isn’t necessarily a 4 dino everyone will choose all the time unless it is obvious you have 4 overleveled dinos while 4 are only half their levels.


@guarou, that sounds like an interesting strategy for a 8 dino team of tanks. Will it always work in your favor? Who knows. It is no different than you facing an opponent with lvl 30 against your lvl 20? You will know once the battle starts though right? This preview allows you to basically decide whether you would invest your time in battling 4 out of their 8 dinos or not.


I liked the idea!

But, I am one of those people who will not choose to battle against those special ones and OP ones.
Maybe if it were a separate type of friendly challenge :heart_eyes:


Thanks LadyHadden!

I may not be clear but i’m just trying to make the game more interesting and force folks to use more dinos. I hope to have provided enough counter thoughts for the opposite side.

Once you get to a certain rank everyone will see the same dino/uniques. At this point really is just up to RNG to decide who wins. I’ve personally reached top500, top250, top150.

If you sit back and think about it carefully, the outcome of each battle has increased and the means to the battle remains no different than it was with RNG. If this doesn’t make sense I don’t think you understand my original post/stance and I can help you clarify the misunderstanding.

There is strategy to any RNG chosen 4 dinos. Brute force doesn’t win unless they’re overleveled compared to the opponent.So having an opponent choosing the 4 for you doesn’t change the RNG aspect one bit because you can’t possibly know how RNG chooses either.

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A lot of people have lv 25+ tank teams. For me, my stegod, tragod, stegocera, dioraja are all or can be above lv 25, I can also make nodopatotitan lv 25 and alankylo lv 25 in a very short time if I want. So a team of lv 25+ tanks are doable for most people. On the other hand, we only have 3 unique chompers and can ensure a win against tanks (Even indoraptor is not an ensured victory against some tanks) and most people invest in them.

Because I can pick 4 of their dino, so I can always get rid of the problem by not selecting them, and because I have 8 tanks on team, no matter what my opponent does, I will always have 4 tanks. Of course, this idea might be very good to Ludia because this will force people to overlevel their legendery, or even epic dinos to create a team of 8 of every type dinos so that they can benefit from their coin sale. :grinning:

Btw, I’d rather like to have separate arenas. One original and one that you can choose your dinos, so you can go with what you like.


But the issue becomes what is the point of leveling those dinosaurs and hybrids knowing that an opponent will never let you use them. Better to have a random selection I think.


I really enjoy the game having complete control over what team I battle with, along with whether I’m lucky enough to dodge or critical hit.
Having a little skill mixed with mostly luck is the way to go.

I voted no. :no_entry_sign:


Okay, so if I’m understanding this right, if I put 8 commons on my team to ‘drop’ the opponent would have to battle with my low leveled commons while I get to destroy them with their dinosaurs? Does that mean I would get free trophys?


Definitely no. I worked too hard on some dinos and refuse to let my opponents ban them. This would kill the game.


@MyFishDrowned I assure you if you put 8 commons now or with this battle change you will lose…lol

This isn’t meant to have folks choose the worse 4 out of 8. What’s the 4 worst you can choose from when the opponent has 8 uniques. It’s still going to be the same player, the same dinos, same biased dino selection whether it be human or RNG. It just makes everyone think harder on what to put on their team of 8 and how to use any random 4 dinos.