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Changing devices

I currently use an HTC 10 and the poor thing overheats and locks up often while playing JWA. If I upgrade my phone will I be able to maintain my progress or will my account reset?

If you signed in with the Facebook app option then yes for sure. Just install Facebook app on new phone setup your account and then install JWA on it and away you go.

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You don’t have to sign in or link your Facebook. I know for sure if you sign in with a Google account, then sign in with the same Google account on the other/new device, your current game will be there. My son and I play the same game on two phones and no matter which phone we open the game, it always shows the current game as long it is signed in with the same Google account. Since Facebook accounts can be disabled for various reasons, I would not recommend linking your account to your Facebook because if you lose access to the Facebook account, you would lose access to your game.


One thing I forgot to mention is that if you have more than one Google account on your phone, it will ask you when you open the game to authorize access from one of them. If that isn’t the correct Google account, click Deny, then it will offer you a list of your Google accounts to choose from. Choose the correct one and all your stuff will be there.

If you accidentally allow the wrong account, you will have to delete that account from Settings>Accounts, then open the game and authorize the correct account. Once you’ve done that, you can add the Google account back that you deleted and all will be back like it was.

I wish that the game would just simply offer access to that Permission menu where you can choose which Google account for the game to log into, because I would like to have my own game separate from my son’s game. We should just be able to log out one user and log in another user.

I’m replying to myself because I just found out that there IS an option to log out of the Google account that your JW Alive game is currently logged into. You tap your player level icon then tap the Settings tab, then you will see the Google play and Facebook options to Connect or Log Out. If you have accidentally logged into the wrong account, I assume you can just go there and log out, then connect to the correct Google account and it will load your game.

What about for Facebook? Right now I have the problem that I accidentally logged into my second account and when I try to log out and log in again,it just tells me “Previously signed in with this account”
“Continue?” and it gives me no option to switch.I’m on iPad and have had this problem for a year now with no help.Please respond,