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Changing gear freezes game

Right now changing even one thing on any character freezes the game. Changed to her staff. Icons on bottom row didn’t move. Now locked and has to be restarted.
iPhone. IOS

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Same here. On android

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Hello, I am sorry you are having issues with the newest update, If you haven’t already could you write to and include as many details as possible along with your support key. It would be very helpful.

I have the exact same bug, it seemed to have been fixed earlier (I could change items without the freeze for like 10 minutes earlier) but when I tried again now it froze again!

There is no way to continue playing without restarting, please look into this.

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For now mines working. I went in and did some donations, posted a couple things and it had fixed itself when I tried to change gear next. Hoping maybe Ludia tweaked something on their end. Had quite a few people with the same problem on our Discord. Seems to have cleared itself up for everyone about the same time…

Edit: Apparently not. Weirdgus is one of our people. Problem persists for some.

What more details do you need?
Changing equipment causes game to freeze.

I am able to change gears freely on my personal devices, and our test devices also do not freeze. It could be a specific item is causing the issue or a device by providing the support key we can see what commonalities those affected have and work to solve it.

Have seen this multiple times. Haven’t spotted pattern to it. Sometimes seems ok. Then select piece of gear and it freezes. Have had it Happen with multiple characters and pieces. Seems to switch gear before freeze.

freezes for me too, and for some of my guildmates and friends (they are at least 12) too. could it be because android below 8? Can you fix it? game is unplayable

Happens to me too. I am trying to change Barbarian gear (crystal to common potion)

This keeps happening today as well, I mention that I am on iPhone , it’s any piece of gear change that requires a game restart, currently.

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Still encountering this frequently. The item does get successfully equipped. My guess is the code that updates equipped items causes the freeze. Guessing this code changed for displaying the icon of equipped items.

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This is happening for me as well - as a player that changes gear for each different type of 0lay, Challenge vs Battle … this is tedious and irritating. Have to force close and restart the app 8 times to move betwween PVP and Challenge is awful. Please fix this bug asap!

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I just noticed the freeze didn’t occur the last time I changed gear on a character. Fingers crossed the issue is fixed across the board!

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Might be unrelated but I had just opened a Book of Bravery as a challenge prize and game started freezing after each gear change. Still going on now after Book done.

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I’m still getting the freeze on gear change. On Android.

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Never had this problem until after season reset. Now it’s freezing after changing gear for me.

Same issue here on an iPhone. Total freeze on any gear change for the last few days.


Yeah, happening to me now also. Game freezes with every gear change

I’m unsure how this would have been missed in testing…