Changing Scorpius Rex (all of them)

I changed the scorpios rexes movesets to better fit them as crazy, rampant dinosaurs . I gave them a move called Deranged Counter and I wanted it to attack enemies whenever they make a move but idk how

Scorp gen 3

Scorp gen 2


Also, why are there so many Scorpius Rexes? It’s so weird how there are 3 of them

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Why does “lash out” attacks ur self and I already like them how they r in game


It’s to show their deranged nature and it’s ok if you don’t like it it’s just a concept


I like about them is deranged counter but maybe name it deranged counter-attack instead


Oh thanks, I’ll do that immediately tomorrow cuz gotta go to bed soon

Idk camouflage really matches their cannon design

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Maybe I’ll give them their camouflage move but not their swap in because the swap in combined with the counter would be a little op

Well it also makes them a little less op seeing that they do damage to themselves

Also with swap ins it’s not like your can escape right after

Isn’t that a good thing? They are pretty op, at least in my arena

I like the lash out concept a lot. I just think too many people will drop it from their roster. It’s a shame because the Dino is ridiculously OP.