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Changing so much but no boost reset Ludia?

As the title says, a full class got changed drastically but no word of a boost reshuffle?
Hows that even possible… Not to mention the boosts on other creatures that got changed or nerfed.

@E.D @Ned Things will explode on this forum and multiple discords if there is no boost reshuffle coming with this patch and plenty of them might actually really leave this time… Don’t let that happen please!

Is a boost reshuffle needed with this amount of changes?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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Shoutout for Gamepress’s discord poll and special thanks to @Piere87 for creating it.


No boost shuffle? No wallet/funds shuffle. That’s how you get their attention.


The thing is, and I really want a boost reset. With how the things are shaping up, people will just put 20 att on Hadros and Cera and obliterate the Arena.

Ludia is stuck now.


Totally agree with the boost reset…I mean…come on guys :confused:


Have you read the patch notes? Lux has changed a lot , but it still will hit really freaking hard!


yeah we need a boost shuffle. half my team got nerfed to the ground and it’s due to the adjusments. not even anything to do with the resilient. just collateral damage. give us a boost reset when you change the game completely.
it’s hard to enjoy the game when you turn the table upside down.
boost reset and we can adjust. and go back to spending what ever ammount on more boosts. - ppl will do it so why loose player base?

an entire game change should always come with a boost reset. amazing how we have to tell you this every time. :rofl:


That’s what I am saying though ?


Once again the team at ludia are showing just how incompetent they are, amd how little they care about this game. To not include a boost shuffle with a change THIS big, is absurd. I guess we can’t really expect anything else from a company that has proven time and time again they don’t care one bit about the player base.


Granting us a boost shuffle is completely useless if you change a whole class in the three following months. Especially knowing we had to wait 9 months to had a new one and it feels legit as a ressource rob again…

It would have been far more intelligent to wait couple more months prior making that class rework. Maybe the end of the year to see the Hydraboa getting unlocked for example or have more creatures that are checking the swap meta - sure the buffs to Spinocon and Deer go into that direction but it still feels premature as this resilient class rework is an incentive to abuse of swap in strikers again.


You simply don’t make a rock-paper-scissors system, change fundamentally one of the three classes and then expect people to “deal with it”.

But I’m not surprised in the least. It’s already Ludia’s M.O.
And the reason the casual base of this game is getting so small we are gonna need to call Ant-Man to investigate it.


When are you going to stop hurting those who invest in this game?

You have completely changed the meta and the “gods” of the game, yet you have offered no reset or shuffle. This is bait and switch. You entice us with new dinos and abilities we invest in that product and you change the product we bought.

I didn’t buy a dino to see it changed to easy that make it unplayable, but that is what we are left with once 2.9 drops.

Even if you only change 1 dino or add 1 dino, the game has changed. If this was a top tier dino, you have cha fed the meta, this makes soft changes to other dinos.

How long do we have to wait until our investments are able to be used again?


I mean, what did you expect from a money hungry company that wanted to make a money grabbing scheme with the excuse of it being a “game”?


A boost shuffle is really needed with this update. A lot of creature could be changed and we need to test out these changes as well.


So far I find that this reworking of the resilient is neutral, but my question is, will there be a reboot of impulses? I think most will need it


agreed. a boost shuffle is much needed. spinoconstrictor may become meta relevent and people would want to put boosts on it

Cue explosion


boost shuffle is a must! we got boost shuffle just for monolo being nerfed and nothing for such huge changes? cmon…

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So let’s not argue if these changes are needed. Balance is always important. Let’ argue what the effects of the changes are on players teams.
It is safe to say, that at least 3 out of 8 creatures in a person’s team, are going to be rendered ineffective due to these changes because of the change in meta and the creature people will now face? I would guess yes. In many cases this is half a person’s team.
They knew that resilient creatures were dominating, and so they are changing that. These are their words.

So in other words they put out a product they admit was not balanced, and they changed it.
So not only did they “weaken” at least three out of eight creatures on a team, they also strengthened other creatures as well.

People will now have 3 to 4 creatures that are now bad options for their team. That is 3 to 4 creatures worth of boost.

Now sure, a person can take a boost penalty, and get half of that back, but two months later, Ludia might change things back or make other changes in an update, when those boosts need to be recycled yet again to be viable.

So the return for boost is not actually 50%. It can turn into 25% or even 12.5% every time Ludia makes a change. There is constant diminishing returns.

This creates a product that can not be trusted and should not be invested in, because it does not hold value.
This is because the maker of the product admits they created a flawed product, due to a lack of investing in playtesting to balance everything correctly the first time.
They are now changing the product they admit was flawed without compensating the customer.
This is not the first time, or the second time, or the third time, or the fourth time, or even the fifth time Ludia has done this. At least half the updates something gets changed.
This game is not in Beta. That can’t be used as an excuse anymore.
One can surmise if something keeps happening over and over again without any correction to the process, than it is not an accident, it is intentional.
One can possibly surmise it is intentionally done, to get people to buy more boost to be effective, and not to actually improve the game.
If they gave boost resets when they made these changes, than that is a different story. But for now, yet again. Ludia has produced a product I have trouble trusting, and wanting to invest in.


Then everyone from the casual player to the deep wallet whales have to stop spending money. Period.

If they chose to not reshuffle fine, but the income stops. Being as Jam City laid out a few million to acquire Ludia, no reshuffle is a poor business decision.


This is a whole meta/game changing update. Imagine you built a dino fir a specific job and then the meta completely changes and it becomes obsolete