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Changing the Free Challenge

I feel like setting the free challenge to Heartcoil Depths upon beating the campaign feels like a slap in the face. I literally feel like I’m being punished for completing exploration mode. You see, once your characters to get roughly 10 or 11, further leveling becomes seriously laborious. By switching over to a challenge where you have to get lucky to win. The boss gets two moves in a row. One of these moves is always to spawn duplicates of himself. (First of all, this has no business in a D&D game, it makes absolutely zero sense considering the lore of ithilids. It’s like you had to come up with something to make him tougher so you made something up. This is insulting.)

So…in order to win, you have to be able to not lose your ranged AoE damage dealers. If they die, you are almost guaranteed to lose.
if Halbenet is dominated, he is unable to cleanse his teammates; this is often an immediate game over.
If one of your AoE characters is dominated before Halbenet can cleanse, they can often wipe out your entire party.

This is just the first boss. Which often means that you can run the challenge and not get jack squat for your efforts, wasting ten or fifteen minutes just to get absolutely nothing. No gems, no coins, no gear, and worthless experience (because yes, at level 10 or 11, 27 XP means absolutely nothing.) You’re literally better off ignoring the challenges altogether and just playing PvP.

This is ridiculous. I’m tired of waiting five hours just to get frustrated playing a challenge that isn’t even fun. And since it’s my free challenge, I have to pay a bunch of gold to actually play a challenge I enjoy, and is I’m trying to come up with 3500 coins to level up a character to level 11, I can’t really waste my coins on challenges, now can I?

So basically, my progress in the game has come to an almost complete stop. At this point in the game, even though I’ve completed exploration mode, I’m literally getting more value running the Sharpstone Keep challenge than the highest, most valuable challenge. At least I know I’m going to get 52 experience and know I’ll at least get some reward, instead of wasting 15 minutes to get wasted by a stupid Ulitharid.

This is stupid and frustrating, and without other methods of playing (such as new exploration) I’m probably going to stop playing this game, because it’s becoming work rather than fun. And if I feel like playing a game is work, then you as developers have made bad choices.


Well to get it as a challenger you had to have beat it in adventure mode. If you beat it in adventure mode you should be able to get through at least the first boss. They make it free every few hours because it is the toughest. If it is too tough to beat, I can usually make it to the second boss but not the third, then try one lower

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Yes, I can beat the first boss. But not all the time. I listed examples why. Halbenet is the ONLY character capable of restoring his allies and clearing negative effects. Yet he got dominated by the Ulitharid every single time in almost all of my matches today, including the free ones from the event. So, yes, I can beat it most of the time, but I don’t enjoy myself at all the entire time. It isn’t fun because the boss himself is tedious and it just takes way too freaking long. I actually believe I would have been better off not completing the last room in exploration, because having to fight the Ulitharid every few hours as my only challenge makes the game completely unenjoyable. And if I’m not having fun, why should I bother playing?

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If you lose an important character, quit the game, restart and you get to do that room with all your characters you had at that level back. Same health, same bonuses/disadvantages as you had when you first entered that room. Simple.

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Well you do have the option to play the lower ones, and unless you have an incredibly bad run you usually make back more than you spend to play them

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I felt like changing the free challenge from the first one was a punishment. I liked blazing through that challenge in about five minutes so I could do other things. Argathakul is tedious. The Anvil of Dumathoin is overpowered and can be outright unfair. Heartcoil Deeps is fun, but you can easily catch multiple enemies 4 levels higher than you which makes it very difficult to move on.

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Sometimes getting to the boss can be tough if some of the monsters hit crits on you. But defeating the boss is not hard. Not sure if you know this but attacks that hits all clears the boss back down to 1. Key is to have equipment that hits all on at least 1 member of your party. Sheverith hold spell is 1 I use. As soon as he splits to 4 hit him with hold spell. Also make sure you got hard hitters. Ranger with his a.c. decrease then multiple attacks on 1 target almost kills him by himself. The dominate can be dangerous though.

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Also if you have legendary helm for tommus it’s good to the push hits all. I generally use other helms for him in other dungeons though.

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There’s a problem with that and I’m surprised you havent run into it yet. There’s a bug going on where if you close the app or you game times out to force reload the whole dungeon, the game can bug out and continuously load forever at the waiting screen after you press continue to continue your game. I’ve posted this bug in the forums, reached out for support, and players have reported it happening to them on any dungeon really. You get 0 rewards because if you leave the dungeon outside the dungeon screen you forfeit all rewards. Wasted gems, gold, and time. Every time i do this i run the risk of it bugging out. Over 4 weeks too , no fix yet. Just you wait, it’ll happen to you too.

I’ve read about it and have been lucky to date. I’ll admit it’s an exploit, shouldn’t do it, but the entire game is heavy on RNG that what was impossible the first few passes isn’t at some point. I really wish it was more strategy and gear reliant, alas… I don’t spend gems to continue and if I lose 1 room of rewards, I’m okay with it. Its the price to pay for “cheating”.

All challenges are sustainable and profitable if you can get 3 dice. Just pay for them and in the long run, you’ll just have more and more gold to level up your characters, more epics and in general better characters that can clear your free challenge.

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