Changing the map and taking away chests midday?

Ludia, just 5 minutes ago my map changed. My sanctuary moved out of range. All treasure chests gone, several supply drops gone. What are you doing???


This happens when Google Maps updates in your area, I believe. Every so often my supply drops switch around and I have more or fewer, too.

Happens to me every day around 3pm GMT, at the same time that the new strike towers appear.

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There are certain times a day, that things can get moved around. There are certain days it will happen as well. It is more likely to happen near the beginning of a week as well as around the times the supply towers reset.

thanks for the awesome information.

All of the supply drops around my home got moved 100m away from me during the update today. The sanctuary at my house, attached to a bus stop, moved away to where there is no point of interest. It’s made the game unplayable for me. Everything is out of range, or on the edge of the range. Support have already told me there’s nothing they can do.