Chaos Effect


So, I’m not a big fan of the hybrids. If find them mostly annoying and I don’t go out of my way to make them. If I get enough DNA from random encounters, then I’ll make one, but I really don’t like them.

To quote Owen Grady, “They’re dinosaurs, wow enough”.

That being said…there’s an opportunity here to tickle my Nostalgia Button.

Jurassic World wasn’t the first appearance of hybrids in the franchise. Before the Indominus, there was…The Chaos Effect Toyline.

A Series of genetic hybrid toys that includes Paradeinonychus (Parasaurolophus+Deinonychus). Velocirapteryx (Velociraptor+Archyopteryx) Ankyloranodon (Ankylosaurus + Pteranodon). Dilophospinus (Dilophosaurus + Spinosaurus)

And the Terrifying Ultimatasaurus (Tyrannosaur + Velociraptor + Ankylosaurus + Triceratops + Stegosaurus). I’d freaking LOVE to see this Nostalgia Bomb in this game. I’d actually start hunting for and making these. (I’m weird I know)

I would seriously, seriously love to see these guys in this game. Please make it happen Ludia and Universal.

A full list of the hybrid toys can be found here:

Also…Raptor Alpha… (Blue + Velociraptor)?


Wow, never seen these creatures before, thanks a lot.

I noticed that Velocirapteryx is just more similar to how paleontologists suggest V-ratpor really looks like than those raptors in Jurassic World movies.:thinking:


I’ve been pushing for Ludia to add Chaos Effect hybrids into the game ever since JW:TG was released world wide. I might make a petition soon for this ,so if that would get enough maybe we would get them.


i’m going be drawing my concept of a chaos effect update, 1-2 creature concepts will be shown each day including today.