Chaos,grim and limbo baryonyx legendaryflock

Critical chance:25%

Alert fierce surge
Self:cleanse vulnerability
Target:1x damage+vulnerability
Destroy shields, bypasses armor

Impactful devour
Self:devour heal
Target:1.5x damage, Dot by 30% of hp
Destroy shields, bypasses armor

Cooldown:2 Delay:1

Instant group ferocious blow
Self: cleanse distraction and speed debuff increases speed by 15%, increase attack of yourself and team by 50%
Targets: receive 1x damage
Bypass armor
Cooldown:3 Delay:2

Shattering Revenge Rampage
Target: 2x damage Destroy shields and bypasses armor

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Ok so first off, the HP and ATK are insanely low, and idk why armor is 7

And the first and last moves aren’t even alert/revenge

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They’ll probably be better off as skins imo


I suggest u use JWA toolbox for ur creations

I wanted it to be fair for other players and besides that 7% armor might even save your record if you get lucky

I think that is also a good idea again its your opinion

Nope i came up with this idea myself

But same with 5, 10, 15

But u can create creatures easier there

You can write out the stats you know

Let them do what they want. Plus its not like luedia uses it

If u write the stats they sometimes can be illegal stats plus ik ludia doesn’t use it

… They can be illegal if you write them in toolbox so your logic is illogical for lack of a better word

Ok i will give 10% a try

I was just giving them tips just chill plus it’s the same

On the custom creatures thread i haven’t seen somebody write illegal stats on a creature

JWA toolbox also makes you find every creatures stats

Ok and?

10 char

Just look at how unbalanced is Imperatosuchus,unbalanced creatures is similar to illegal stat creatures because Illegal Stat creatures have something like lets say 1619 dmg and 4771 hp while that is similar to Impera


I’m done with this arguement because you’ve lost all sense of logic

I am done with u too