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Chaotic Consortium is Recruiting!

Hello there!

We have four spots open. But- oops, my bad; where’s the criteria and rewards description you ask? Well, here it is.

Meet the criteria, looking for an alliance, interested to join up? Well, ta-da!

Contact me (Fyurius#0124), or my good friend and teammate SullytheDiorajasaur#3872 to apply. I will let you know that you must have Discord as it is compulsory for communication purposes, so don’t worry! Once registered, we will send you the invite link to our server.

You can talk JWA, vent frustration, discuss Jurassic World the Game or enjoy sharing memes. I look forward to playing with you!

[Credit for images, editing and Dioraja drawing: @SullytheOtter]


Wishing you all the best !! Hope you get your members!


Forgot to add: also you could contact @Cheeseeater at Cheeseking 7499#5104 as well if you want to apply. :smile: