Character and level specific special rooms

I only ever get special rooms for my lowest level characters. My “dream team” that I usually PVE with are all 14 now, but have never gotten a chance at their special rooms because those lower level characters are all that are ever offered. Since those lower level characters are not high enough to enter, this blockage never gets cleared.

And yes I understand you only get to complete these rooms once. My level 14s have never been given their level 13 rooms.

Is this intended? Maybe as an incentive to keep your characters all leveled evenly? Or is this a bug or oversight in coding?


Hey Stormwarden14, if I can recall correctly, the Secret Rooms usually appear randomly.

They do appear randomly, but will stay until cleared. It does help encourage you to keep your characters leveled. Plus you get renown packs and other rewards from leveling characters.

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This is not random, Ned. I’ve played many dozens of challenges that offer level 13 special rooms. Almost every run it appears, and is always for one of the < 13 characters. This happened for level 10 as well, but my characters were closer in level and it didn’t take long for my lowest to get to 10. As soon as I completed that character’s level 10 room the rooms for my other higher level characters immediately started showing up.

@Ned I think @Stormwarden14 is not talking about SECRET rooms but SPECIAL rooms, the rooms which are “character” related, i.e. you need Saarvin lvl 14 to enter.

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Thanks for the clarification, Fizbanius. :thinking: In my experience, as Clancularius had said earlier, whenever I see one of those, they usually stay until I complete them. Then different character rooms might appear again randomly somewhere else.

Yes, this is correct.

I might be wrong but those characters specific room also seam to be limited at 3.

So if you have 3 room that need specific character you won’t get a new one until you clear one of those 3

I continue to get stuck with hero specific rooms requiring the heroes to many levels above my current standing. Previously this was not an issue as the specific rooms would change upon game updates. However, last year the process of changing these rooms during updates ended. I have since been permanently stuck with the same hero specific rooms, each requiring my heroes to be updated 3 times prior to entry.

I suspect this change was not intentional, and suggest the developer revert to the mechanic wherein the rooms / required heroes change with each update.

You can go back in challenge mode to your previously cleared dungeons and find your level specific rooms for any lower level characters that you’ve missed, or higher level that you haven’t gotten into yet. I just found one for my lvl 13 rogue I have to hit.