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Character crush

Is anybody else getting character crushes out the wazoo? I feel like I get one very couple of days. As soon as one is gone (after 3 days of counting down) another one pops up shortly after that one goes away. I KNOOOOOOOW I’m not that popular. Relax haha

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Not me – I haven’t had one since Memoru :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:

I used to get a lot, but now I don’t get any. I must have rejected them all! :laughing:

Hopefully it’ll calm down. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and it stays for days on end haha

Like this?

i only ever get guys as a character crush

Waiting for Felicia :sob:

Yep! But there’s a question Mark over it. I’m guessing it’s because they want me to upgrade to VIP

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By the looks of the timer Felicia will be released to everyone on Saturday at 10 AM Est

Really? Because I match with Felicia this morning and I’m not VIP

This game is wacky as usual

That’s when she’ll be available for me

Well damn, that’s such a long as time.

I guess different in areas they release new characters at different times? Idk but it sounds unfair :frowning:

I just matched with her.

She’s linked with another (one of the boys’) stories, but it not the obvious one.

What in the world is a character crush?

Lol it’s when one of the characters wants to chat with you as opposed to you swiping on them.


I’ve never had that? Is it a VIP thing with the see who likes you with the question mark?

Everyone gets character crushes, but It’s only VIP to see them early before they become public. I’m not VIP tho