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Character Glitch- can't go on date!

I get this message when I want to go on a date. When I click on it, the app restarts. I even unmatched this character. When he popped up again, the conversation was in the same place. HELP! I really liked this character

Hiya, @Tiasweetie, I’m so sorry to hear that this is preventing you from going on a date with Mr. Silver! :scream: Our team is working on a permanent fix but they would be glad to try and help you troubleshoot this so please send them an email at, including your support key so that they can find you faster in their system and get you on that date!

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After a few hours of getting a network error which wouldn’t allow me into the app I am able to get in, and also able to chat with matches but with one match I have a date waiting. When I click on the date button though I get that same network error as previously when I couldn’t get into the app.

Hey @LadyWeava, welcome to the forums! Could you try forgetting the WiFi network on your device then reconnect to it and see if that helps? If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at so they can take a closer look. Thank you!

I also can’t go on date with Seth Evans. The screen just turns black.

Just send it to the support email and hope they can fix it. I have been waiting for a fix since September 30th.