Character Level & Sanctuary DNA Level/Hybrid Insertion

If our characters level up, wouldn’t it make sense that we would technically be more ‘trained’ to interact and take care of the creatures we place in the sanctuaries? Just like how we gain +1 DNA per level on direct hits, I feel that it would be nice to have a small sanctuary boost based on character level as well.

I also wanted to point how I feel that we really need to place hybrids in the sanctuaries, people have said this before too. I understand why legendaries/uniques can’t be placed in there but rare hybrids? I mean, they already can’t be leveled up or taken out for two days while in the sanctuary so is it really a large harm to the community to bring rare [maybe epic, though I even see that as extreme] hybrids with a 1-3 level higher requirement?

It just has sanctuaries seem very outdated for its’ current progress.


I’m down with anything to make the sanctuary better I don’t know what I think about hybrids in sanctuaries

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I’ve recommended another way to have sanctuaries become useful where we get more interactions since not all alliances can farm/pay to attempt for high-level sanctuaries or to complete the alliance mission so this is just another idea I and my friend thought of. Lack of Sanctuary Use

I’ve always liked the idea of if someone uses a interaction with your Dino you get DNA for that when the Dino comes out of the sanctuary

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You do get DNA when your dinosaur comes out of the sanctuary but it’s the same amount as interacting with your dinosaur once which is a little grimy knowing it’s spent two days in that place.

I didn’t explain it well enough I mean like every interaction gets one more DNA with it when you get your Dino out of the sanctuary let’s say you put your Dino in and no one interacts with it you get 5 DNA from epics for 48 hours but if people interacted with it you get +1 for each food/toy/interaction that was used on it while it was in the sanctuary