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Character’s counter parts

I really wish when you unmatched from a character, you unmatched from the story too so you could chat to the counter part


Sometimes unmatching happens due to not talking to a character for a few days or so or maybe accidentally if you’re just reading their profile, so a confirmation with a warning would be nice if it were implemented that you could match with a counterpart later on as long as you unmatched with your current match.


that would help. am shore that can not match with the charicters that want to due to story links& being stuck matched with those that are away😕 only matched with a few of those while the ones that like wore away& now am out of options for the ones that can match with that would even be remotely interested in.

I wish they would let us unmatch a character so we can match with the counterpart as long as we’re on the first tier in the relationship and haven’t made the first 15 diamonds and as soon as we’ve made that first 15 diamonds we’re locked into that counterpart.

Agreed. I’d like to match with the counterparts of a couple of characters I’m matched with, but oh well.


I wish there was a way to switch your conversation to their counterpart. I know they made it so you can only pick one or the other but- I wish I could unmatch and be able to choose the counter part. Even picking up where my conversation left off would be alright!

To clarify, when I started playing the game I swiped for Damien. Granted, hes still kinda cute. But I would love this story so much more if I could switch to his counterpart (I forgot his name) :heart_eyes:

I’m just already too far into the story and ive spent so many coins already to want to start the whole app over. I hope one day they’ll make it so I can exchange my person :sneezing_face:


I agree, I wish there was a way to unmatch someone and talk to his/her counterpart. Sometimes we change our mind or make mistakes, and we should have the opportunity to turn back…

This week-end Julien had a crush on me, I just wanted to wait, as I prefer his counterpart, so I did not start the chat. But this morning I had a notification, I thought it was about free gems so I tapped on it and… it started the chat with Julian :sweat: So I am stuck with him. I am so disappointed right now…

Please Ludia let us switch counterparts!

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