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Character specific rooms

Did I miss something in the update about new character specific rooms. I am suddenly getting a lot of bonus rooms. Especially in the lower level challenge dungeon. Rooms for level 3 characters and level 8s seem to be the most. When I clear the dungeon and the rooms then there are rooms for different characters in the same place

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Rooms 2, 5 and 8 are eligible for character rooms.

It looks like the absolute number of character rooms remain the same but became regenerated starting from Sharpstone each time you clear one.

They will clear out eventually after you clear out 12 rooms or so.

They lowered some of the requirements too, I think. In Heartcoil, I had a… Level 13 Saarvin room, I think? I was slowly working towards unlocking it, and the first free challenge I do, I see a level 11 Saarvin room where the level 13 was before.

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I completed a few of the level 13 rooms just prior to the update and perhaps I was just lucky but … each gave a legendary item. Following update did a level 13 room, no legendary

Having said that it’s possible that I missed it as my games crashes within challenges whenever I get a locked or secret room chest (might have given me a 2/5 for something that I didn’t notice i suppose)

Yeah following from this I completed level 11 room for Rogue and in next run through it was replaced by level 11 room for archer.

I hope it’s jut going to give an opportunity for each character to get a level 11 room, a level 13 room etc (ie making up for those characters that missed out on locked rooms at certain levels)

It would be really irritating if it’s just giving X number of locked rooms and I’m wasting them on low level dungeons to complete quests :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just got two rooms in a row in sharpstone. I don’t understand the logic for how they regenerate or how many there will be per run, etc. but the loot in them is definitely of a much higher grade than regular chests. I got 3,000 gold from a level 5 room in Sharpstone…


Maybe they added all of these secret rooms to keep us busy while they attempt to fix PvP again …

Its nice to have a reason to play these dungeons again.


I actually enjoy the new plethora of character rooms. in the past they were mostly useless as they existed in every dungeon but were mostly never accessible.

Not complaining either but also I just don’t understand the logic behind it. It seems the lower level dungeons have them more often as I’ve so far gotten about 21k out of Sharpstone and 9k out of Frostsilver character rooms whilst hardly getting any character rooms in any of the other dungeons. And yet, just now I went through Sharpstone again and not a single character room.

So yeah, it’s just very… strange.

God I love this new up date :grin::ok_hand::+1:
You have to complete the dungeon to reset the unit rooms if you run into a room and don’t have the unit leave and go back if you if you complete the dungeon the room mite change I think it resets every 24 hr now 1 more thing if you get a unit room but don’t want it for that unit but want it for a different unit or higher lv don’t do it finish the dungeon go back it will probably have changed
That’s what I’ve been seeing w

I entered a challenge with two secret rooms requiring heroes not in my party, After completing the challenge I altered my party to include the missing heroes. The required heroes changed when I re-entered the challenge. I again changed my heroes only discover the required heroes changed again for the third attempt.

Is it possible to enter the secret rooms today, or is the required hero always chosen from one not in the active party?

This is another change that was not identified in the update notes.

I think secret rooms are random thy just pick a unit you have

I think there is som confusion between secret and locked rooms here

The secret rooms always just pick someone from the party you are currently using

The locked rooms can be for anyone

Strangely I have had a different experience to others - whenever I see locked rooms for characters not incurrent party I’ve redone the dungeon and they’ve always been in the same location and same characters. They’ve only changed to different characters after I’ve completed those rooms

I have had both… I will see a room for a character that I don’t have so I will quit and come back. Sometimes it is still same character. Once it became a “secret room” and a few times it disappeared but then came back a few runs later in same spot for same character. I have never had it just change character unless I beat it as the one it was.

Yeah, I’m talking about rooms that are locked to a specific character, not the chest gotten from a secret room.

I was talking about both lol

Ok, I am now experiencing this exact phenomenon. I’ve been running Harvestshield with Nayeli 'cause it’s the highest level dungeon I can safely get her through. In it, I had a level 11 Nayeli locked room and a level 13 Tommus locked room. If I had Nayeli in the party, I could enter the room. Cool. But if I didn’t have Tommus in the group, I’d see the room but if he was in the group WITHOUT Nayeli in it, I wouldn’t get his room at all.

That is just… I mean… odd. I don’t get it. I really don’t understand the logic behind whether these rooms appear, don’t appear, which ones appear, when, in what dungeons. It seems like there IS a logic behind it, but whatever it is, I can’t determine the pattern of it.

From what I can see, it’s in a fixed place, just sometimes appears and sometimes doesn’t. Never found I missed the secret room more than a couple of times while running the exact same team…

Ok, there is a definite pattern to it. It seems that there are two keys: the character that the room is based on is the key for the room to be unlocked, but there are at least two other characters that need to be in the group during the run for both rooms to appear. There seems to be a minimum of two character rooms for every run and until both rooms are unlocked, entered and completed, the rooms don’t refresh.

For instance, let’s say there are two rooms: Nayeli in the 5th room, Tommus in the 8th room. If both are in the party, win. But if Tommus isn’t, the Nayeli room will appear and can be cleared but the Tommus room won’t even show up during the run. Unless… there is either Saarvin or Raika are also in the group. So even without Tommus being in the party, the room will appear with either Saarvin or Raika, but if either Saarvin, Raika or Nayeli aren’t in the group and Tommus is, the room won’t appear.

At least… it’s something like that. I haven’t quite nutted it out but for anyone curious, I highly recommend switching 1 character out each time as you do multiple runs through a particular dungeon until you’ve found and cleared all character-specific locked rooms.

For me it seems more about what path you take to the room… like do you always take rights when given the option or do you take left… that would presumably get you to a different room 8 or whatever. It also might just be semi random