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Characters/attractions I'd like to see

Just a few suggestions, even if one of them is highly unlikely not to go through. Forgive me if any are already in the game, I don’t have early access but I’d love to see these when it’s released (or later on down the line).

1. The Lion King / Restaurant Hakuna Matata
Hopefully speaks for itself, given how popular it is! I admit, I don’t tend to download Disney games unless this one is present.

2. Merlin
I feel as though Merlin is a staple of Disney characters. He’s awesome. There’s also the Sword itself if it counts as an attraction.

3. The Black Cauldron
I know this is the one that probably won’t go anywhere, but I’d still like to offer it up as a suggestion. This is one of my favourite Disney movies, and it always gets shafted - I’d absolutely go against my ‘only-download-if-Lion-King-is-there’ rule if this was included instead.

4. Haunted Mansion / Phantom Manor
I love this ride. It’s a staple of the parks, and I’d love to decorate an area from this!

Hi there, Delta, thanks so much for all of the suggestions!

Naturally, I can’t comment on whether or not any of these are already included - or planned - but it’s always helpful to the team to know what our players want to see in the game so I’ll forward your suggestions to them. :slight_smile:

We hope you’ll enjoy the game once it’s made available to you!

would love to see nightmare before Christmas maybe as a Holiday quest or something like that

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