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Characters I want back

I would love to see Oliver, austen and William back please. They were the ones I would log in for and got excited about. Now I have a bunch I need to read but am bored with them. I love the unique story lines.
Also I wish there was a way to switch counterparts because when I first stared I didn’t know counterparts were a thing and I would have chosen the other person if I had known.


I want Tiros,William, Stefan and Tomas back as well.I also want to be able to switch counterparts and be able to replay stories. I hope Ludia allows us to do those things soon.

I really really really REALLY want Austin and Albert back. Garret and Brett too! But Austin and Albert are the ones I miss the most.


Jasmin, Daniel, William I want back

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I want all the girls back, but I would like to see Clementine, Dahlia, Elizabeth, and Evelyn come back more.


Pleaaaaase. I didnt realize there were counterparts. I hate how some characters just disappear for…goodness knows how long. Liam has vanished, Sheng…Give me some Theo!

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I would love to have Min-Jae, Dahlia and Nicholas back!

Ross Monroe should come back now.
Like seriously she’s had fair amount of time to settle now😂