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Characters I'd like to return soon

I’ve had Antoine, Seth and Rory come back recently but there are some offline characters I’d like to be able to continue the stories with: Cpt. Muffin, Dr. Vile and Ryan Burne. I understand there’s a lot of work involved in developing the stories and stuff but two of those characters’ storylines I feel we haven’t seen enough of


I’d add William, Wyatt, Blake, Sage, Jasmin, Eveline and Samantha


I’m only interested in the guys’ stories :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes, Blake too :sob: and Jaden once his story/issue finally gets fixed

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Why limit yourself?

I’m just not interested

I’m only interested in the girls stories. I don’t match with guys.
I’m waiting for Eve to come back again, Samantha, Clementine, Sage, Eveline and Rose

A schedule of who’s coming back would be much appreciated because I am tired of having mostly male characters coming back.

Where’s Angel, Samantha, Eveline, Sage, Jasmin, Grace, Dahlia, Ruby?

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