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Characters offline

Well, I didn’t know where to write this.
Months ago I was talking with Emerson but he went offline (grey) and I was like “OK, fine, I’ll chat with other people”.
So he never came back, but that’s not all, literally ALL the characters I was talking with went offline too. I’m matching with new characters everyday and they always go offline (I was talking with Sam and he went away too and he was my second main after Emerson). I’m really really angry and I’m thinking of stop using Lovelink because it’s not only thay they don’t take offline characters back but they also take more characters offline every day. I hope they take offline characters back soon…

They write characters in cycles they show up for 2-3 chats and go offline for some time while the writers bring a new cycle of characters.

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Do you know more or less how much time you have to wait for them to get back? :frowning:

I dont honestly it’s up to the writers most of all characters have returned once since launch in Sept 2020. Only William/Julian, Jasmin/Kayla and Stefan/Oliver ,Aesha/Samantha havent returned from the launch characters and also Felicia and Brett/Susan also

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Thank you!!!

For instance the cycle currently has included Jake/Zayn/Charlie, Elizabeth/Nicholas, Daniel/Ryan and Cianan. This week there’s the possibility of some other characters added to that cycle of who it will be they tend to send a notification around 11 45 am on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and either Saturday or Sunday

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WOW thank you sm, you actually helped me more than the creators