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Characters unmatching?

Why am I occasionally getting notifications about characters who are offline for a while about to unmatch me? I can’t even message them…

For example “Sheng will unmatch you soon”. I didn’t take a screenshot but why is this happening?

It’s something that’s always happened, unfortunately. I used to get it a lot when I first started playing, but they shouldn’t actually unmatch with you.

I read that with a certain update they can’t do it anymore but it’s still alarming :disappointed:

Oh, I agree. I’ll get it every now and again and will still keep an eye on whoever is saying they’re gonna ditch out, just in case.

Almost all of the characters I’m chatting with are offline for a while though

Hey there, strayblackcatXIII. This is one of the issues our team is trying to work on resolving. If you were unmatched, however, re-matching with the same character should start your conversation off from where you had left it.

They didn’t actually unmatch but I still get the notification from time to time