Characters unmatching

While saving gems one of the characters unmatched me for “ghosting” and I can’t match again. Is this permanent? Because that’s kinda unfair.

Is the character just not reappearing, or you’ve tried to rematch and can’t? If it’s the first, you should be able to rematch when they appear again and not lose progress, it just takes awhile sometimes. If it’s the second, it’s gotta be a glitch because I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be able to. I’ve never been unmatched, so can’t speak from experience.

Hi there, @strayblackcatXIII, it’s just like Cassandra91 said - even if you were unmatched due to inactivity, the character should have returned to the list of available matches you can get and your relationship progress will pick up where it left off!

That said, if you’re truly unable to re-match with them by swiping right, please do contact us at so that we can investigate the issue more closely since this is NOT intended behavior. Be sure to include your support key if you do need to contact them in order to help speed up the process!

They show up sometimes in the available matches but when I swipe right they disappear.