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Charged more than advertised...was sales tax that wasn't disclosed

I was charged more than advertised on three different purchases.
$1.99 advertised cost me $2.13
$4.99 was charged $5.34
And $9.99 was charged $10.69

These are for OTO 1-3.

What a company.
Clearly marked, yet they deducted far more than advertised.
Figured I’d start over and have fun, we see how that went.

Oops, we didn’t get the code updated, amiright?

Looks like 7% sales tax.


That’s a dollar and some change. Let’s not get carried away here.

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Possibly but I never see sales tax when I buy things in the game! If it is 19.99 that is what I see in my iTunes bill!

Possible, must be only for iTunes though.
Apple has a presence in NY.
I haven’t bought anything in some time on android and was never charged sadness tax.

I don’t care if it’s a dime extra, charging more than advertised is still fraud. As stated, it’s possibly sales tax, although I did not see that disclosed in the purchase.


It is indeed sales tax.
This was not disclosed anywhere obvious at time of purchaser, only on the receipt after the fact.

Never had this with android. They don’t have a presence in NY, I guess. Apple does.

I’ve been charged sales tax thru Google Play before, recently actually. It can be infuriating, because a month ago, if I wanted to spend $19.99 on HC, a $20 gift card would do it. Now, if you don’t have enough on that card to cover taxes you just get an error like “payment declined” without explaining why. Like the $20 gift card just vanished.

If localities are going to figure out a way to charge sales tax on internet purchases, they need to mandate that those charges be clear and easy to identify. If it’s not included in the quoted price then those nickels and dimes you didn’t know you were spending can add up, and make something bigger bounce.


As far as i know, it has always said “+ tax” before you actually make a purchase…

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Look!! @TheMaxx is trying to break up our angry mob with reasonable statements and evidence!!


Maybe, but for me it only started charging that tax a couple of weeks ago.

Angry mob?

I’m not sure that statement means what you think it means.

Please forgive me for asking a question in gasp THE FORUMS.

Also, not everyone is going to be charged sales tax (only those with a company presence in their home state/locale/country), so what one person experiences is hardly enough to be considered evidence that we all have the same experiences and conditions.

Apple has always charged sales tax. Even if you purchased a song on iTunes. Last I checked no store ever advertised the price including sales tax. Do you also think when a TV is on sale for $599 that includes all taxes.

It was a joke. Sorry, didn’t expect you to get so emotional about it.

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