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Charger Scent

Is anyone else disappointed with the charger scent? It says that it attracts creatures such as Sinoceratops, an Dracorex!! Not for me it didn’t! I know they’re not guaranteed but it was very disappointing to say the least. I got one Dracorex gen 2, which was the only useful Dino. The rest were triceratops, an Eino, an Stig Gen 2… For me! Useless.


I found a dracorex, but sinocera would have been lucky for any to pop up. Even with the swift theropod, I was super lucky to even get an Erliko.

I got lots of Dracorexes… both the rares and commons.

Getting an epic out of any scent is nearly impossible. I was incredibly disappointed the first time I used an epic scent and found out that 90% of the spawns were commons.

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Remember Scent Of Claws? Supposed to attract meat eaters and stuff? Well I got like 1 raptor and a lot of stego.