Charlie a reskin


I was looking at Charlie and I saw that he has the same third attack, (Critical impact) and their stats are very similar… Ludia getting lazy? Aka the reskin of a Utahraptor


Sadly is faster…and this is annoying


Charlie is better than Utahraptor: Same skills, more damage and higher speed. She just has a bit less health but that’s irrelevant. Poor Utahraptor. If Charlie spawns in the wilds after this, Utahraptor is only gonna be useful for hybrids.


Yeah, Charlie is the new U-Raptor. But only if you get him higher than U-Raptor.


I just did the event. Level 8. And my Utah is level 12, so for now stick with Utah, but if charlie starts spawning in the wild, Utah will just become hybrid material.


before charlie, I used to put in my team Tanicolagreo, wrote in italian hope this can be understood ^^ , (mine is level 12) because his speed is 130 instead of Utahraptor with speed 128 (mine reached level 10). now i am in doubt because charlie’s speed is 129 and just level 6, still more weak than my tanicolagreo also for health and damages… Ok somebody will put 8 velo in his team but fortunately there are lot of dinos like apatosaurus than can defeat them… or just let the cheaters go battle each other in the highest arena! .D


It’s not cheating to use 8x Raptors.


I have my tany at lvl 15 he rocks


It was a joke but I explain well what I think. No it is no cheat to put 8 raptors in a team. but now for me it is more convenient to use tani than charlie. it is more faster and my charlie level 6 with 792 health will be knocked out by my tani. I mean that if you have 8 “good” raptors now in a month of games, you can be lucky, you can be rich or you can cheat. Well in my arena level now I am fighting against 1 or 2 raptors at a time and sometimes I win, sometimes I loose, but this happened to me also against other creatures.