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Charlie, Delta, ortho, or Erlik?


Which rare should I dart in this weeks group?


I was wondering the same thing.


I’m skipping these rares. But if I had to choose, I’d pass on Charlie and Delta in the hopes the other two get a future hybrid.

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I’m darting Ortho and Erli if I happen to pass by, skipping the raptor squad for now

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Yeah… I’m taking some time off during these middle few days. Rares are good to stock up on in general (for future hybrids) but I don’t think the raptor pack will be getting any


I just did a little of each, just enough to level each of them to the next level… :slight_smile: Raptors are at 16, Orin is at 14 and Eril is at 15…


I’m darting whatever rare spawns near me. If i had to pick one to focus on though, it’d probably be Erlikosaur G2.


Darting everyone. Coz low green suplay drop. :joy::joy: