Charmed Disappeared?


I was asked if I wanted a notification when Charmed had come out and wondered what happened. Did the game disappear because it’s been a couple weeks and I do not see it? Also will there be more Divergent Movies made into Stories? Or what about Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Percey Jackson, Harry Potter or Dance Academy or Gossip Girl or Glee. Also based on choices could we end up in not just Dauntless? Or have more than one house to pick from if you do a Harry Potter story or based on traits or something if Hunger Games gets put here it gives us four choices for District like 12, 3, 1, 2, 5 or 6 or for If you do a Percey Jackson one we get to pick from things like Poseidon, Apollo, Aris or the Athena cabin?


Pls. This would be amazing I agree 1000%

That is all :sparkling_heart::laughing:


Hey April_Snow, thanks for writing in! Charmed is still a work in progress, but keep checking back because it’ll be here soon!

You can get the latest updates and release dates from our Facebook page here:

I also love the ideas you have, and I’m sure our support team would like to hear them too. You can email our team here at on what you have in mind, and then they’ll see what they can do.

You can also share your suggestions here: