Charmed story?


Is it me or was there like an ad or something of an upcoming charmed story that said it was “coming soon” well now it has like disappeared. So is it not happening now?

I’d love to see a story based on the vampire diaries/ Riverdale / Supernatural or Heroes? :wink:


OMG yes I saw that too! It would also be great if they adapted more books like Divergent!


OR if they did an ORIGINAL book!


Yessss! I would love that! We need more fantasy/horror stories please???


I could totally write that! Like, all vampires and stuff, but from the perspective of one who had JUST turned, and when you turn, your memory is foggy!


What are some of YOUR ideas I can add onto?


Yes that’s awesome. Maybe a love triangle too between who turned you and someone you liked/loved before turning and you’re trying to figure out who you were because as a new vampire you’re confused or your memories come back so slowly and you find more clues along the way?

Or you could find out that your whole family is/was dedicated to killing vampires so you become sort of stuck in the middle.

It’d be really cool if there were like mysteries and secrets that get revealed as the story progresses


I like the vampire slayer one, ooh, what if you were a vampire slayer as well?


Or if they did one based on the Teen Wolf series or Glee or Dance Academy or Degrassi or Hunger Games or of Percy Jackson or of Shadowhunters or Maze Runners or of Harry Potter


Yep we need this, PLEASE !!! :wink::sparkling_heart:


omg I saw it to an it disappeared
What’s up with that