Charmed / taunting

So with the new changes to charm I noticed something that should be fixed. Currently if you have someone charmed they are now considered part of your team so your aoe attacks cant hit them and if someone aoe attacks you it will also hit their own guy. The problem is taunt. If an opponent taunts and then you charm them you are still forced to attack that character instead of others even though they are now considered your teammate. This needs to be changed imo. Once I charm someone into being a team mate its kinda dumb I am still forced to attack them over other opposing characters.

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Not being able to attack it is goofy. So I charm a tough monster to avoid its attacks, skip 3 of my attacks while it moves closer to my party, then I am unable to kill it due to the constant misses, and it kills one of my toons. I had this happen with a wight and two of those giant bug things. Also, I swear proc rate goes up when someone is dominated. Either my non-charmed toons wipe the traitor out, or the dominated toon kills a couple of his pals. The best thing is that the monsters never seem to have these problems. I never see giant’s rocks splinter and hit multiple monsters, or monsters attack dominated monsters. Ludia, please fix this! I don’t understand why you changed it. Nobody was complaining about it beyond its actual existence in the first place. So you make it preform illogically? It’s bad enough that the spell isn’t broken immediately after the caster’s death…

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Agreed the new dominate makes all but 2 of Pikel’s weapons useless if you also use the when hit dominate trinket. Especially if it comes down to Pikel being my last toon alive. If he dominates the only 2 left of their squad and has an AoE weapon equipped and the proc happens he does no damage to either toon. So your only option of weapons is His Rare that gives a random heal out or His legendary that gives him reflect damage. I was lucky enough to get his legendary but I’m sure there are lots that haven’t had the opportunity yet so they only have 1 weapon option with his trinket. Would really enjoy being able to play around with his other Weapons that IMO are better in PvP. And it would open up his meta so you don’t always see him equipped the same way…

It seems like they fixed Dominate. AoE attacks are hitting dominated opponents again. Whole team debuffs are hitting dominated opponents and not getting applied to our own dominated team mates. Thank you @Ludia_Developers

They already formally announced that this had been fixed last week.

Dominate is a wonderful skill, NOT powerful enough, but wonderful🌝

Where did they announce it was fixed? I missed it.

Yes I noticed yesterday that things seemed to be working properly. Thanks Ludia!

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Right here.