Chat Donations Bugs - Is This Intended Yet?

We are 1.12… is this intended? Or an ETERNAL bug? :thinking:


Soon as it starts affecting sales it should be patched, the fix is ready to go, just awaiting profitability lol

That’s not the only bug in the chat. There are at least 15 bugs that have been there since the introduction in the chat/donate system alone. Some got worse even since then.
I believe it’s eternal. Something this simple not being picked up for 15 months is absurd.

  • Missing donations (including own)
  • Expired donations still visible
  • Donated amount not correct
  • Current donation count not updated when someone donates. There is a huge lag.
  • When a donation is already finished, you get a random error. Maximum reached, can’t donate, error, unknown error, something went wrong, etc… Doesn’t that tell you that the list needs to be refreshed?
  • Chat reordering while donating so you donate to the wrong one
  • Chats missing (not all, just very selective)
  • Chats not in the right order
  • Doesn’t always connect
  • Scrolling sometimes shoots to the top
  • Scrolling sometimes shoots to the bottom
  • Scrolling is sometimes stuck
  • When on top of the list, sometimes you get a spinner to load older messages, sometimes you don’t. Why can’t I just keep going up to read what I missed?
  • The newest message is sometimes hidden because it’s scrolled slightly for no reason
  • The content filter is ridiculous. It filters the name of one of my members (assassin). Be consistent. Don’t allow the name to begin with then. Or allow both. And what’s wrong with ass anyway… Inside another word even. Why not make censorship optional? Replace filtered words with [censored by Ludia because we think everyone is sensitive], or not filtered when you are over 18. (Or 12. Kids curse too.)

And probably much much more. Other things can also be drastically improved.

@Ned How aware is the team of these issues, and is there ANY plan to fix any of this in 2020?


My biggest problem is the auto scroll when something new comes up.
If I want to scroll, I can do it manually.
My alliance has that one guy that never donates but always requests ultra rare stuff.
I don’t know how many times I’ve inadvertently given him 20 DNA because the screen scrolled between clicks.


Sounds like a person who deserves a kick :slight_smile:

It is my belief that this isn’t a bug as such.

It seems to be server connection issue.

Why can’t Ludia use servers that are efficient?

No other game has this problem so it has to be down to Ludia, and it even happens on WiFi.

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Hey AndreMR, our team is aware of the issue, and they’re working on a fix. Sadly, we’re not able to give an ETA at the moment, but please rest assured that our team is actively looking into it.

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For 15 months? How “actively” is that?



i already said that in some other thread:

i could vote in a survey for ludia using ALL jwa team to release a bug fix only update.
i could survive with some 1.13 update without new dinos or features, but with all jwa code/server mess clean, and game performance optimized.

for once. then we could be back to normal developing and all these great features…

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