Chat during battle


On occasion you get a really good battle like the one I just had, instead of fighting so or player twice my level.

It’s a shame you cannot send a message or even an empty just saying good fight, you got me, or wow you beat a person half your power. Silly and complementary would be good.

Battle chat

Be good even if it was predertimed one liners like:

  1. Well done
  2. That was close
  3. Wow you beat me
    4 your twice my power coward.
  4. Sorry,
  5. That dino rocked


I would add
0. Hello
It’s like in hearthstone, just few emotions. I like this idea, few times I wanted to say “good fight”.


I couldn’t disagree more I prefer not being able to chat because you’ll end up with a toxic game once people can send messages to each other .the fact the message above has a option for calling someone a coward says it all


Lol, don’t be so upset the coward was a joke it’s not like you can choice who to fight and it’s not like you have a choice to fight people of equal ability. So how could anybody who has no choice be a coward. Hence it’s a joke. But yes some people have no sense of humour


Just a few quick ideas:

  1. GG!
  2. Wow, that was close!
  3. Well played!
  4. Sorry
  5. Awesome Dino!
  6. I’ll get you next time!

I love this idea and it would make it seem so much better