Chat Function for Raid Lobbies?

I think that we need a chat function in the raid lobby. This would help plan out which creatures to use and discuss strategies. It would be very helpful, as many people that I invite pick creatures that aren’t very good against the boss, and I always wish I could somehow explain the best strategy to them, but can’t lol. Anyone else agree with this?


I think it would be really useful as well, TH3_ULTR4. :smiley:


I totally agree! Every time i raid everyone uses thylacatator. Hes good and all but most raid bosses are like 80 percent immune to rend so theyre kind of useless.

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Thyla is useless in raids? Almost every (if not 100%) epic boss is easily beatable by team of Thylas.

True but thats a epic raid boss. Ive beat i trex boss by myself with my lvl 15 procerethomimus. And have lost a trex raid with 3 thylas.

Im not saying hes bad but hes not good in raids due to their high rend resistances.

Next time you beat a Trex raid by yourself with Procerathomimus, you record that and show us. You’d be the first one ever to do so. I’d like to see that, for one

It would be good if they added chat in the lobby and in the raid to agree in case we do not have a way to talk with the participants of the raid,

What do you think?


I think there are already 70 topics about this.
Stick do discord, you really don’t wanna get another broken chat system implemented.


This inability to communicate in the lobby is totally frustrating. I want to suggest creatures or say, wait, let me turn on which ever of my other accounts and invite. We can win if you use this or that or make these specific moves.

Most the time, I don’t even want to bother raiding with alliance members because we just waste our time losing.

I don’t want to bother with discord or other 3rd party apps. That is totally stupid we need those.


Nothing wrong with third party apps. Lots of games use it, for strategy, videos, news, forums, general discussion, etc. Heck, this forum is a “third party app”.
The game is not easy enough to have the whole raid strategy discussion inside a little chat window that is riddled with bugs. If you think Ludia has the power to build something like that which actually works well and benefits everyone, then I think you’re a tad optimistic.


We really need a raid chat option to better coordinate raids. We shouldn’t have to rely on third party chat sites.